Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Jan 23, 1996
Moesha clashes with her new stepmother. When she ignores Dee's grounding and goes to the local hangout, the Den, her heart is broken when she finds Ohagi, the boy she likes, with another girl.


S1 E2
Jan 30, 1996
The meaning of Moesha's and Kim's friendship is tested when they both try out for the cheerleading team -- and Kim gets picked, and Moesha doesn't.


S1 E3
Feb 6, 1996
Moesha is now officially allowed to date because she is turning sixteen, although Frank remains extremely reluctant. She agrees to go to the movies with Ohagi, though it's not technically a date. Moesha rejects Ohagi and has a heart-to-heart with Frank.

Hakkem Owes Moesha Big

S1 E4
Feb 13, 1996
Moesha and her father coach Hakeem on how to get a job. As a result, the owner of a sporting goods store (Bo Jackson) hires him.

Million Boy March

S1 E5
Feb 20, 1996
Moesha and Kim attend a church youth group designed to build leadership, but they experience resistance from the leader of the event because they are female. However, because Moesha is instrumental in arranging a successful fundraising event, the group's leader is forced to acknowledge her and her contributions.

Driving Miss Moesha

S1 E6
Mar 5, 1996
Moesha gets her driver's license but refuses Frank's gift of a Saturn, preferring to earn her own money for her dream car -- a new Jeep.

Chain, Chain, Chain

S1 E7
Mar 12, 1996
A chain letter stirs up trouble, and causes havoc with Moesha's family and friends.


S1 E8
Mar 26, 1996
Moesha gets her first taste of independence when she gets a job and earns her own money. However, she soon realizes that there is a price to pay, when she learns the responsibility of a full time job interferes with her life as a teenager.


S1 E9
Apr 9, 1996
Moesha learns to appreciate Dee and see her in a new light with the help of Dee's visiting niece Charisse.


S1 E10
Apr 23, 1996
Moesha's father arranges a reunion of Moesha's childhood playgroup (his motive is to sell Saturns). Moesha goes on a date with her former play group friend Matt, who is white, and they experience intolerance and racism from people who don't even know them.

The Ditch Party

S1 E11
Apr 30, 1996
Moesha reports on the annual school "ditch day", but will not reveal who attended or who her sources are. As a result, she may be suspended. In addition, Dee is the supervising teacher of the school newspaper causing friction at home as well.

Mother's Day

S1 E12
May 7, 1996
When Moesha borrows money from Frank to buy a mother's day present for Dee, but only gives Dee socks, Frank is upset. Moesha spends the money on a special momento for her late mother, and presents it to her at her grave.

Baby Love

S1 E13
May 14, 1996
Frank and Dee announce they want to have a child of their own, surprising Moesha and causing Miles to run away. Moesha finds him and convinces him he'll continue to be well loved even with a new sibling.

Hakeem's New Flame

S1 E14
May 21, 1996
Hakeem gets a girlfriend, making both Kim and (surprisingly) Moesha jealous. They conspire to break up the romance, resulting in a heart broken Hakeem. A guilty and empathetic Moesha gets them back together.