Season 2

Episode Guide

House of Hello/House of Dolls

S2 E1
Jan 06, 2012
The Sibuna gang return from the holidays and have a midnight feast in the attic where they find a dollhouse. Nina also looks for a new hiding place for the Cup but is it safe from Victor? Victor searches for The Book of Isis - an ancient tome that will tell him how to recreate the Elixir. And Nina hears strange whispering from the Cup.

House of Spirits/House of Blackmail

S2 E2
Jan 09, 2012
Jerome is being blackmailed by a seventh grader. Meanwhile, Nina has a dream, inspired by a riddle of Victor's that she has overheard. That night, Senkhara's spirit emerges from the Cup. Alfie saves the dollhouse, the gang finds out who is blackmailing Jerome, Senkhara tells Nina to find the Mask of Anubis, and Victor is convinced he will find The Book of Isis in a travelling Exhibition.

House of Rivals/House of Faces

S2 E3
Jan 10, 2012
Mara is upset that Mick's family is moving, Alfie tries to impress Amber, and Fabian writes a poem for Nina. But Nina has something else on her mind. Someone else might be after the Mask of Anubis! There's a replica of the Mask of Anubis in the Exhibition so Nina and Fabian go check it out. Meanwhile, Fabian's attempt to read Nina his poem fails, and Nina has another terrifying dream.

House of Myths/House of Nightmares

S2 E4
Jan 11, 2012
Senkhara leaves her mark on Nina, and Fabian's godfather, Jasper, advises her about the mark and the Mask - which he believes to be a myth. And the dollhouse begins to communicate to Nina... Nina thinks the Mask is in the house - and then the dollhouse opens to reveal a map. Poppy researches her and Jerome's father and discovers some interesting information. Meanwhile, Senkhara marks another student

House of Combinations/House of Heartbreak

S2 E5
Jan 12, 2012
Fabian keeps the Jackal mark a secret, while Nina's map leads them to a secret door in the cellar, but she needs the right code to get in. Amber saves Nina and Fabian from Victor, and insists they tell her what's going on. Meanwhile, Fabian's poem falls into the wrong hands, Mara and Mick call it quits, and Nina discovers more than just the secret code.

House of Tunnels/House of Goodbye

S2 E6
Jan 15, 2012
Amber joins the Sibunas as they find the antechamber and amulets. Mara's upset about Mick and some misinformation makes its way to him. Meanwhile Nina and Fabian see a tunnel beyond the antechamber bookshelf... Trudy's leaving to work in the Exhibition and Mick is leaving for good. Meanwhile, Jerome decides to hire a Private Investigator to find his father, and down in the antechamber, the bookshelf unexpectedly revolves...

House of Protection/House of Letters

S2 E7
Jan 16, 2012
Amber's temporarily blinded by a strange beacon booby trap. And Nina and Fabian discover the only thing that can protect them from the beacon. Nina and Fabian explore the first Task in the tunnels, set by Sarah's father Robert. The answer lies in some old tomes, but one is missing. Jerome reads a letter to his mum from his father and makes a shocking discovery.

House of Who?/House of Frauds

S2 E8
Jan 17, 2012
New boy Eddie arrives and makes an enemy in Patricia. Amber surprises Nina by finding something Nina's been looking for. While Jerome plans to scam some money out of his classmates, Vera and Jasper have a secret meeting... Eddie causes trouble at Jerome's fundraiser day, and things get worse when Mara figures out it's all a scam. That night, Senkhara invades Amber's dreams and tries to mark her too...

House of Chance/House of Divides

S2 E9
Jan 18, 2012
Nina and Fabian puzzle over the mysterious cube that they found in the tunnels. But it falls into the wrong hands and soon Jasper steals it for the Collector. Nina figures out how to make the mysterious cube into a key to unlock the first door in the tunnels, and soon the Sibunas face their next Task filled with deadly booby traps!

House of Crushes/House of Vertigo

S2 E10
Jan 19, 2012
The Sibunas' next Task is a deadly Egyptian version of hopscotch. If they get the sequences wrong then the ceiling starts to descend. Meanwhile, Jerome is desperate to clear his debt after his charity scam fails. The gang figures out the safe sequence to cross the deadly hopscotch. Then, when Nina hears Senkhara calling, she follows - but is she walking into a trap?

House of Pressure/House of Deja Vu

S2 E11
Jan 22, 2012
The day of the Ball. Amber, Nina and Fabian have had the same dream of the Spirit pushing Nina into the Chasm. While Joy gets a power trip organizing the ball, Vera and Trudy have a bake off. The night of the Ball. Amber, Nina and Fabian complete the hopscotch challenge but there's a bigger test to come. Eddie gets Patricia into trouble over the music, then saves the day.

House of Hoods/House of Deceit

S2 E12
Jan 23, 2012
The Collector creeps into the Library, leading to a close shave for both Nina and Victor. Jerome and Alfie bet Eddie that he can't get Patricia to dance, and Eddie wins. Nina figures out how to cross the chasm but when she runs to tell Fabian, she sees Joy kissing him. An upset Nina flees to the tunnels, while Jerome reads the letter his Dad sent to Poppy. Nina is angry with Fabian, but she shows him and Amber the crocodile beam they need to bridge the Chasm.

House of Sibuna/House of Payback

S2 E13
Jan 24, 2012
Jerome reads that his dad wants him to visit him in prison. Patricia softens towards Eddie - then finds out about his bet, while Joy and Mara sign up for the school website. Amber and Fabian enlist Patricia and Alfie for help. The Sibunas need to practice laying the beam, and Victor finds the lock in the cellar and map of the tunnels, which he copies. Alfie fails to dump Amber while Patricia plans her revenge on Eddie. Jerome and Mara visit his Dad, while the Sibunas encounter a new danger.

House of Pendulums/House of Impasse

S2 E14
Jan 25, 2012
Victor and Vera hide in the cellar and see Nina entering the antechamber code. While the Sibunas practice dodging pendulums, Patricia's revenge backfires. As the Sibunas enter the antechamber, they are shocked to find Victor stood there. Victor has been blinded by the beacon flash - and the Sibunas only just manage to avoid him. Poppy's Father wants to arrange a prison visit and Jerome didn't tell her. The Sibunas cross the chasm but it's a dead end, and an angry Senkhara marks them all.

House of Help/House of Phobias

S2 E15
Jan 26, 2012
Victor's sight returns in time for him to find an important passage on the Mask of Anubis. Jerome goes to visit his Dad, but he finds that Poppy has beaten him to it! The Sibunas find a crawl tunnel, could that be the only way through to the next task? When Alfie enters it, it collapses. Amber tries to rescue Alfie from the crawl tunnel, but fails and Fabian has to save the day. Amber and Alfie break up. Victor spots the amulet around Amber's neck and confiscates all pupils' jewellery.

House of Barriers/House of Curfews

S2 E16
Jan 29, 2012
Victor explores the tunnels but reaches a dead end. While the Sibunas plot to get the amulets back, Jerome's father has an important mission for him. Vera finds the Book of Isis & gives it to Victor, but there's something she's not telling him. The Sibunas plot to keep Victor awake so when he does fall asleep, they can remove the amulets from his neck. Jerome begins his quest for his Father's gem and Fabian tries to tell Nina he wants to get back together.

House of Dead-Ends/House of Webs

S2 E17
Jan 30, 2012
Jerome tells Mara about his dad's impossible mission. Now the Sibunas have the amulets back, they set out to defeat the claustrophobic tunnel of terror. But when Nina crawls down it, she discovers a warning. Nina manages to find the release mechanism to open the next Task tunnel. It is a giant Spider's web filled with venomous threads - which Alfie discovers the painful way. Meanwhile Jerome embarks on a wild goose chase and Vera meanwhile finds a spare amulet.

House of Fronts/House of Keepers

S2 E18
Jan 31, 2012
Amber gives Fabian advice about Joy. Alfie's goose eats Jerome's dad's gem and Vera and Victor plan to have a copy of the spare amulet made. The Sibunas will never know Victor has his own, & Trudy is beginning to realize that Vera is not all she seems. Trudy shares her suspicions about Vera with Mrs Andrews. Victor and Vera succeed in swapping the spare amulet in the dollhouse with a fake one. Eddie and Patricia dodge detention, but Patricia's amulet falls off.

House of Hacks/House of Stings

S2 E19
Feb 01, 2012
Mrs Andrews asks Mara to investigate Vera for a 'profile' on the website. Jerome is delighted when the goose passes the gem - until Mara drops it down the sink. Patricia wears the fake amulet. The others go ahead. Then Patricia hears someone coming! As the Sibunas explore the spider's web task, Patricia arrives to warn them Victor is coming. As they hide, Victor reaches the web - which stings him. Mr Sweet tells Mara that Jasper was the one who secured Vera her job.

House of Double-Cross/House of Wires

S2 E20
Feb 02, 2012
Jerome may have lost the gem - but he now has Patricia's amulet. Nina & Fabian have to get the gem from Vera's room and do a trade with Jerome to get the amulet back. Later, Nina sees a riddle telling her to follow the "silver thread of fate." Jerome has the gem, but faces a complication. Eddie overhears Patricia telling Joy that she likes him. Mara finds the missing chapter of the Book of Isis, which finds its way into Victor's hands. The Sibunas discover a sinister clue to the Spider task.

House of Envy/House of Names

S2 E21
Feb 05, 2012
Victor is translating The Book of Isis, but it's not as easy as he'd hoped. Eddie tries to get Patricia to admit she likes him & Fabian takes Joy to a movie. Nina decides they should go to the Web chamber without Fabian. Eddie and Patricia misbehave in class - but it's Patricia that Mr Sweet punishes. Alfie and Jerome realize that if Jerome wants the shield in which the gem belongs he'll have to win it back. Mara figures out that Vera's résumé is all lies and Nina learns Senkhara's name.

House of Evidence/House of Genius

S2 E22
Feb 06, 2012
As Mara gathers evidence against Vera, the Sibunas complete the web task. Nina figures out that she is responsible for unleashing Senkhara on Anubis House - while Victor realises that the latest task is one he can solve himself, taking the lead in the race. Jerome needs help to win back the Frobisher Shield - but he never expected it to come from Amber. Nina and Fabian see Victor with some chemicals and are suspicious. Eddie tells Mara to put her accusations about Vera on the school website.

House of Slander/House of Hasty

S2 E23
Feb 07, 2012
Alfie is delighted when Jerome makes him ping pong coach and Vera's upset about Mara's article. Patricia's mocking causes Eddie to plan an epic prank on Mr Sweet. In the tunnels Victor completes the task. Senkhara is furious - will Nina feel her wrath? Mara and Vera go head to head in a hearing to establish the truth of Mara's claims. Mara doesn't realize that her star witness is also Vera's. Fabian thinks he has solved the potions task, and Eddie's Mr Sweet backfires on Mara.

House of Sorry/House of Hex

S2 E24
Feb 08, 2012
Mara is expelled, while Jerome fires Coach Alfie. Vera has secretly bribed her witness, and Trudy is suspicious. Mrs Andrews resigns to save Mara, but Mara can no longer write for the website. Patricia learns a secret about Eddie and Nina gets some bad news. Jerome's tournament goes badly. Senkhara is angry that Victor is getting ahead. She tells Nina her punishment will be to punish. Nina's innocent words are twisted by Senkhara. Nina has a terrifying vision of what may happen.

House of Silence/House of Warnings

S2 E25
Feb 09, 2012
Alfie accidentally reveals Jerome's opponents have used crooked balls. Victor explores the next Task and is deafened by a klaxon. Nina realizes it's her words that have hexed her friends. Senkhara tells her the punishments will last until the task is complete. The Sibunas are alarmed that Victor has his own amulet. Eddie tries to speak to Patricia. and the only way to shut him up is kiss him! Alfie plays on the horns. The klaxon sounds again, but this time, the ceiling cracks.

House of Status/House of Laments

S2 E26
Feb 12, 2012
The Dollhouse tells the Sibunas the tune for the task, but no one still alive has heard it. Amber agrees to be the face of the school in a commercial, despite ageing in fast forward. Mara hears that Mick has a new girlfriend. The Sibunas are shocked as Alfie's rejuvenation curse accelerates. Patricia accidentally stands Eddie up and Nina finds some of the lyrics to the Song of Hathor. Jerome's pretend relationship with Mara comes to an end and Victor and Vera hatch a plan.

House of Heists/House of Alibis

S2 E27
Feb 13, 2012
Vera steals the Ox Bell from the exhibition. She escapes leaving Fabian in the frame. It's Jerome's turn to babysit Alfie while Nina is forced to ask Senkhara for help. And then Nina makes a terrifying discovery in her bedroom. Fabian's memory loss leaves him unable to give Trudy an alibi. Then he finds his note predicting Vera's theft. Eddie is shocked when Patricia tells him she never kissed anyone before. Just as Nina is getting over the speed Amber is ageing, Alfie turns into a baby.

House of Oblivion/House of Snoops

S2 E28
Feb 14, 2012
Fabian is now unable to remember his own name. Vera plants the ox bell in his room, and the Sibunas use it to complete the task, curing them all. Victor and Vera hatch their plan, leaving Nina and her friends to walk into a trap. Victor and Vera's plan backfires, leaving the Sibunas to return the Ox Bell to the Library. Patricia has to admit to her friends that she has been keeping a big secret. Upstairs, Trudy gets closer to the truth about Vera. But has she gone too far?

House of Reflections/House of Stooges

S2 E29
Feb 15, 2012
A riddle in the next task hints that it is the final chamber before they reach the Mask. The Sibunas need to find 6 mysterious reflectors. Eddie decides to kiss Patricia, but kisses Piper instead! And Trudy is missing. She has left a strange note for Jasper. Victor has the first of the reflectors and Nina and Amber work out that the next one is in Sarah's music box. Jerome is worried when Jasper starts to obsess over the Gem. Mr Sweet asks Eddie and Patricia to dinner. Patricia accepts.

House of Zodiacs/House of Reckoning

S2 E30
Feb 16, 2012
The race is on to find all of the reflectors, and the clues lie in an incomplete Zodiac chart. Mr Sweet doesn't believe the gem has been stolen. Meanwhile, at the restaurant, Piper turns up posing as Patricia. Sweet and Eddie are fooled. Nina realizes Victor has his own copy of the Zodiac. Amber makes a copy but Fabian can't decipher any of the symbols. Meanwhile, Jerome hacks Jasper's computer and proof that he is working for the Collector. Then he finds a coded call for help from Trudy.

House of Trades/House of Magic

S2 E31
Feb 20, 2012
Patricia feels Piper is cramping her style. Jerome learns Trudy has been kidnapped by the Collector and he will need to find a Frobisher Smythe artefact to buy her back. The Sibunas discover a secret door in the chamber, but they must get Victor's amulet back to open it. Alfie and Piper get closer, but an argument makes Piper reconsider her future. Jerome's search for Frobisher heirlooms leads him to Sarah's dollhouse. Gustav comes for dinner, but Alfie's magic show leaves everyone reeling.

House of Tricks/House of Whispers

S2 E32
Feb 21, 2012
The Sibunas are delighted when Alfie reveals Victor's amulet in one piece. Patricia's devastated when Eddie lets slip that he kissed Piper. Jerome believes Vera has stolen the dollhouse. Nina and Fabian realize that Vera is after the mask. Joy pairs Eddie up with Mara to do a story on the revamped school website. Victor and Vera realize Alfie has tricked them. Fabian overhears Jerome and Jasper plotting something in the library. Patricia accidently reveals Eddie's true identity.

House of Duplicity/House of Hauntings

S2 E33
Feb 22, 2012
The race is on between Victor and the Sibunas to find the missing falcon reflectors. Jasper fobs Fabian off when he's confronted about his secret talks with Jerome. Eddie's shocked when his article reveals a video image of Senkhara. Eddie and Mara start a ghost hunt, setting up cameras in the house. It does little to ease Patricia's jealousy. Nina realises that Sarah's doll is a falcon reflector, just as Jerome steals it for Jasper. But what's Vera doing at the rendezvous with the Collector?

House of Collections/House of Speculation

S2 E34
Feb 23, 2012
The Collector rejects Jasper's offering of Sarah's doll. Vera realizes that Victor needs its glass eye. It could be the next reflector! Jerome is forced to steal the dollhouse, but doesn't realize Eddie & Mara's camera has recorded it all. The Sibunas find their third reflector, but Fabian now knows Jasper has been lying. Eddie & Mara get a picture of their "ghost" during their cellar stake out. With Mara's theory that their ghost is the "Unknown Ruler", their story could destroy the mission!

House of Sabotage/House of Nine Lives

S2 E35
Feb 26, 2012
Alfie fails to corrupt Eddie's pictures with a virus, so Nina decides it's time for plan B: Fabian must persuade Joy not to run the story. Joy agrees, on the condition that Fabian kiss her! Alfie and Amber steal Eddie's camera and are shocked when they see Jerome stealing the dollhouse. Fabian leans in to kiss Joy - but much to Nina's delight he can't go through with it. Joy agrees to drop the article anyway. Amber and Alfie confront Jerome and finally learn the awful truth... Rufus is back!

House of Forgeries/House of Hijack

S2 E36
Feb 27, 2012
On learning the truth about Rufus' return, the Sibunas confront Jasper and persuade him to meet The Collector and offer him a counterfeit mask while the Sibunas rescue Trudy. The plan goes horribly wrong when the Sibunas find themselves trapped. Vera has locked the Sibunas in the barn and Alfie stages a bodacious rescue, but in the process the dollhouse is crushed and Trudy is knocked unconscious. Senkhara vows to hamper Victor's progress in his quest for the mask.

House of Freeze/House of Timeout

S2 E37
Feb 28, 2012
When a poisonous article about Nina appears on the school website, speculation is rife about the identity of the school's phantom blogger. Mara knows "Jack Jackal" didn't write the piece. Victor rushes to return his falcon reflectors to save Vera from Senkhara's wrath, but will it work? Vera now bears the mark of Anubis and the Sibunas have all the reflectors, but they run out of time and the reflector stands disappear. Gran's condition deteriorates and Fabian makes a horrific discovery.

House of Reflectors/House of Illusions

S2 E38
Feb 29, 2012
Joy's getting the cold shoulder from the Sibunas now that they know she wrote the article on Nina. Patricia has a solution to fix both her love life with Eddie and the gang's problems with completing the task. The Sibunas enter the final chamber and realize they must play a game. Eddie and Jerome get behind Mara and persuade Mr Sweet to let her enter her latest article in a blogging competition. When Rufus' Ceremony of the Mask doesn't work, he realises he's been given a fake.

House of Dreams/House of Pitfalls

S2 E39
Mar 01, 2012
The Sibunas realize they must play the ancient Egyptian game of Senet. Joy is still getting a hard time because of Mara, so when Mr Sweet tells her to enter Mara in the blog competition, Joy makes other plans. Trudy is having strange dreams. Is her memory be returning? Victor & Vera secretly practice Senet in his office, while the Sibunas consult Jasper about the rules. Jerome makes his move on Mara. Disaster strikes when Nina moves to the wrong square and the floor gives way beneath her.

House of Phantoms/House of Surrender

S2 E40
Mar 04, 2012
The Sibunas are reeling at Nina's disappearance and must cover for her both at school and to a suspicious Victor and Vera at home, as well as keeping a furious Senkhara at bay. Nina wakes to find herself in an underground cell, and she is not alone. A distressed Fabian goes to tell Mr Sweet everything, only to discover that Nina is still alive. Patricia tries to be more couply with boyfriend Eddie. Under pressure, Fabian makes a wrong move at Senet and things look even worse for the Sibunas.

House of Strategy/House of Memory

S2 E41
Mar 05, 2012
Eddie and Jerome reveal that Joy didn't submit Mara's article to the competition. The gang are shaken after Alfie's near miss - they've got to win this game. Nina learns that every chosen one has a special champion to protect her. Trudy calls a doctor to help her get her memory back, but Vera decides to intervene. Alfie and Amber decide to spy on her and the doctor. They are shocked at what they hear. Joy tries to get to grips with the Senet Task and Fabian hatches a plan.

House of Pretenders/House of Trouble

S2 E42
Mar 06, 2012
Does Mara have feelings for Jerome? Vera follows the doctor's instructions to try and control the Sibunas, not knowing that they are playing along in order to find out how much Victor knows about Senet. Jerome knows he's in trouble when he runs into Rufus sneaking around Anubis house. Victor is horrified at losing Alfie on the Senet board and blames Vera for suggesting they use the students as pawns. Senkhara hunts for the Osirian, visiting both Eddie and Fabian in the night.

House of Traps/House of Stakes

S2 E43
Mar 07, 2012
Mara wins blogger of the year, but is becoming too concerned about Jerome's disappearance to celebrate. Eddie is frustrated about Patricia's secret Sibuna life and disaster strikes the gang when Fabian and Joy disagree over how to finish the Task. Can Fabian learn to trust Joy? He will need to if they are to finish the Task. Eddie remembers the name of Jerome's "uncle." Victor is beginning to wonder if the kids were right about Vera and he makes a shocking discovery in her room.

House of Missions/House of Captives

S2 E44
Dec 31, 2009
Eddie helps Mara to see how much Jerome means to her. Victor confronts Vera and Patricia tells the Sibunas that Rufus has taken Jerome. Fabian, Patricia and Alfie go to rescue him, while the others try to unlock the Mask. As Victor grapples with the final clue in the Book of Isis, Eddie gets himself into trouble. Fabian, Patricia and Alfie find out what Rufus wants the Mask for. Poppy needs Jerome like never before. Nina finally unlocks the Mask and learns the truth of Senkhara's plan.

House of the Chosen/House of Freedom

S2 E45
Dec 31, 2009
Frobisher Smythe's final trick is revealed. It's a race against time to find the true Mask. Mara and Poppy wish Jerome hadn't disappeared. At the house, Eddie begins to act strangely as the touchstone to the quest is revealed. Senkhara is close to getting what she's longed for, and Nina will pay the ultimate price. Help comes from an unexpected source and Rufus gets a more than he bargained for. Will the Sibunas save the day? Will the curse be lifted? Will Fabian and Nina get back together?