Season 1

Episode Guide

The Big Pilot Episode

S1 E1
Sep 23, 2002
For once in her life Mona thinks she has won out over her spoiled half-sister Dee Dee when Dee Dee moves into the same building and Mona finagles a move into the penthouse apartment, but she quickly discovers her new living accommodations are not what she expected. Later, things appear to go from bad to worse when a guy Mona is pining for falls for Dee Dee.

The Big Forget Me Not Episode

S1 E2
Sep 30, 2002
Mona neglects Spencer while she works on hooking up with Brian, the bug guy, and Dee Dee takes the opportunity to befriend Spencer in order to get closer to her sister. After Brian loves Mona and leaves her, Mona tries to get consoled by Spencer, but he's too busy hanging with Dee Dee which causes Mona to accuse Dee Dee of stealing her best friend.

The Big Crappy Birthday Episode

S1 E3
Oct 7, 2002
Despite Mona's initial protests, Dee Dee throws a joint birthday party for the two of them. On the eve of the celebration, Mona discovers Phyllis' story of how Big Dee Dee stole her man, Charles, years ago is actually a lie, throwing Mona into a tailspin.

The Big Pimpin' Episode

S1 E4
Oct 14, 2002
Mona encourages Dee Dee to become involved with a temperamental recording artist in order to keep him well behaved on a video shoot, but once the relationship starts to heat up, Mona's concerned she may be "pimping" her little sister out.

The Big Dose Of Reality Episode

S1 E5
Oct 21, 2002
When Mona gets on Dee Dee's case about leading a privileged existence, Dee Dee decides to prove to her and herself that she can survive in the real world by landing a job at a waitress. Meanwhile Phyllis encourages Mona to go to a dating service to find a good man.

The Big Award Episode

S1 E6
Oct 28, 2002
Dee Dee's desire to have everyone act as one big happy family backfires when Dee Dee insists on Mona coming to an award ceremony for Charles. However, this incident does prompt the family to deal with their dysfunction... to a small degree.

The Big Sistah San Soul Episode

S1 E7
Nov 4, 2002
After Mona is dumped by a guy who accuses her of not being black enough, Mona tries to find her inner "sistah" until Dee Dee helps her realize that she should be happy with who she is. Meanwhile, Spencer helps pass Mona off as Scary Spice at the Shark Club in order to watch DMX perform.

The Big Ex-pectations Episode

S1 E8
Nov 11, 2002
Dee Dee starts dating a guy who, as it turns out, was Mona's ex-high school boyfriend and her "first." Eventually, things get tense when Mona demands that Dee Dee stop dating her ex.

The Big In With The In Crowd Episode

S1 E9
Nov 18, 2002
Mona and Dee Dee's relationship gets sticky when Mona accuses Dee Dee of trying to change her just to fit in with her group of friends. Meanwhile, Spencer becomes a 'kept' man when he starts dating one of Dee Dee's wealthy friends.

The Big Thanks For Forgiving Episode

S1 E10
Nov 25, 2002
It's a big Thanksgiving dinner at Big Dee Dee and Charles' house and the whole family is invited, including Spencer. Mona and Spencer have been fighting after Spencer accidentally divulged a very private secret about her; meanwhile, things get testy between Grandma Thorne and Big Dee Dee since Grandma Thorne has always favored and liked Phyllis and Mona over Big Dee Dee and Dee Dee.

The Big Upsetting Set-Up Episode

S1 E11
Dec 16, 2002
Mona and Dee Dee arrange a blind date for Spencer.

The Big Hit It & Quit It Episode

S1 E12
Jan 20, 2003
Dee Dee wonders why her boyfriend doesn't seem interested in becoming intimate; Mona takes up smoking again.

The Big Condom-Nation Episode

S1 E13
Feb 3, 2003
Spencer and his new girlfriend Olivia have sex, and Spencer reveals she might be pregnant because they didn't use protection. Mona and Dee Dee give him a talking to about his mistake and encourage him to get tested, too.

The Big Game Of Love Episode

S1 E14
Feb 10, 2003
It's Valentine's Day, and while Mona ends up having two potential dates when her ex-boyfriends Brian and Miles show back up in her life, Dee Dee breaks up with Neil because he chooses work over spending Valentine's Day with her.

The Big Phat Mouth Episode, Part I

S1 E15
Feb 17, 2003
When Mona mistakes a dinner date with a reporter as a personal affair, she unwittingly gets quoted in a music magazine saying disparaging things about one of her company's clients, and the fallout gets her fired.

The Big Phat Mouth Episode, Part II

S1 E16
Feb 18, 2003
Conclusion: Mona struggles to find work while record sales for Big Phat Slim (the recording artist) go through the roof because of the publicity. When Hamilton (the reporter) comes by to makes amends, he grants her wish to get in to see Big Phat so that she can plead her case and get Phat to help get her old job back.

The Big Mixed Up Mojo Episode

S1 E17
Mar 17, 2003
Dee Dee has a streak of bad luck, while Mona enjoys good fortune; Dee Dee confronts a crooked businessman.

The Big Sexy Shame Episode

S1 E18
Mar 24, 2003
Mona dates a sexy model but is embarrassed by his lack of intelligence; Tyrese performs at the Lush Lounge.

The Big Falling For It Episode

S1 E19
Apr 14, 2003
Dee Dee fakes a serious injury after Mona accidentally hurts her in self-defense class. Chris Judd guest stars.

The Big `I Have a Dream' Episode

S1 E20
Apr 21, 2003
Dee Dee draws the wrong conclusion when Mona refuses to divulge details of an embarrassing erotic dream.

The Big Much 'I Do' About Nothing Episode

S1 E21
Apr 28, 2003
When Mona has Spencer pretend to be her boyfriend at her friend's wedding, Spencer realizes that he has had romantic feelings for Mona since college. Meanwhile, Dee Dee decides to break up with her boyfriend when she learns about his matrimonial desires.

The Big Mother of a Mother's Day Episode

S1 E22
May 5, 2003
Big Dee Dee takes Dee Dee to a fancy spa on Mother's Day, and Phyllis decides to take Mona to the same spa.

The Big Bad Neighbor Episode

S1 E23
May 12, 2003
Mona and Dee Dee quarrel until their father suffers a heart attack, and they must put aside their differences.