Season 7

Episode Guide


S7 E1
Oct 1, 1961
A onetime outlaw tries to go straight with Matt Dillon's help but a beautiful woman leads him to a disastrous end.

Old Yellow Boots

S7 E2
Oct 8, 1961
A frustrated old maid determines to get herself a man, even at the cost of murder.

Miss Kitty

S7 E3
Oct 15, 1961
Miss Kitty has to keep a boy away from his father whom the boy doesn't know is a fugitive killer.

Harper's Blood

S7 E4
Oct 22, 1961
A stern father wants to see one of his own sons hang for murder - but he picks the wrong boy.

All That

S7 E5
Oct 29, 1961
Loss of his wife, his land and his cattle forces rancher Cliff Shanks into the rough life of a gold prospector

Long, Long Trail

S7 E6
Nov 5, 1961
A pretty young girl from Boston proves more than a match for Marshal Matt Dillon when she sets out to meet her Army officer fiance.

The Squaw

S7 E7
Nov 12, 1961
Matt Dillon attempts to temper the anger of a young man when his father takes an Indian woman for his second wife.


S7 E8
Nov 19, 1961
A love-smitten Chester, with an eye to marriage, takes up farming on an arid, unyielding piece of Kansas ground.


S7 E9
Nov 26, 1961
A I7-year-old girl attempts to alleviate the impoverished condition of herself and her 12-year-old brother by finding a husband.

Indian Ford

S7 E10
Dec 3, 1961
Matt Dillon sets out to rescue a white girl from an Indian band, but finds she's not sure she wants to be rescued.

Apprentice Doc

S7 E11
Dec 10, 1961
Doc Adams, kidnapped to treat a wounded outlaw, is later asked by one of his abductors to teach him medicine.

Nina's Revenge

S7 E12
Dec 17, 1961
A crafty rancher tries to frame his wife with a hired hand in a plot to force money from her father.

Marry Me

S7 E13
Dec 24, 1961
A Tennessee mountaineer, deciding its time he got married, chooses Kitty as his bride and kidnaps her.

A Man A Day

S7 E14
Dec 31, 1962
Ruthless outlaws try to make Marshal Dillon leave Dodge City by threatening to kill a man a day until he departs.

The Do-Badder

S7 E15
Jan 7, 1962
An addled gold prospector gets a notion he wants to reform the townsfolk of Dodge City.


S7 E16
Jan 14, 1962
A young girl confesses killing her father because he refused to let her marry a handsome farmhand.

Cody's Code

S7 E17
Jan 21, 1962
An itinerant trail hand attempts to leave Dodge City with the fiancée of the man who befriended him.

Old Dan

S7 E18
Jan 27, 1962
Doc Adams sets himself the difficult task of rehabilitating Dan Witter, a long-time alcoholic.


S7 E19
Feb 11, 1962
After quarreling with her boy friend, headstrong Kate Tassel invites other suitors to come calling, and Chester responds.

Half Straight

S7 E20
Feb 18, 1962
A plot to kill Marshal Dillon goes awry when the hired gunman falls in love and hires someone else to do the job for him.

He Learned About Women

S7 E21
Feb 25, 1962
A beautiful Mexican girl sacrifices her freedom to save Chester's life.

The Gallows

S7 E22
Mar 4, 1962
A down-on-his-luck cowboy accused of murder saves Marshal Dillon's life and Dillon defends him.


S7 E23
Mar 11, 1962
The widow of a man slain in a gunfight with Marshal Dillon swears to avenge her husband's death.


S7 E24
Mar 18, 1962
Matt Dillon persuades Dodge City-ites to give the "silent treatment" to a criminal he cannot convict.

The Widow

S7 E25
Mar 25, 1962
An attractive widow whose husband was killed in an Indian massacre comes to Dodge City to search for his body.

Durham Bull

S7 E26
Apr 1, 1962
An old man and his grandson prove themselves more than a match for four badmen who try to steal their prize Hereford cattle.

Wagon Girls

S7 E27
Apr 8, 1962
A group of girls, prospecting for rich gold miners to marry, get involved with an unscrupulous wagon master.

The Dealer

S7 E28
Apr 15, 1962
Kitty hires a pretty female faro dealer despite Matt Dillon's warning that she is inviting trouble.

The Summons

S7 E29
Apr 22, 1962
A vicious gunman, unable to collect a $ I000 bounty, blames Matt Dillon for this loss and sets up an ambush for him.

The Dreamers

S7 E30
Apr 29, 1962
When Kitty turns down the marriage proposal of a scroungy old miner, he takes a drastic step in an effort to change her mind.


S7 E31
May 6, 1962
A badly wounded trail hand scorns Marshal Dillon's help and sets out on his own to "get" the man who wounded him.

Chester's Indian

S7 E32
May 13, 1962
Chester finds himself the unwilling guardian and nurse of a runaway Indian who has been befriended by a young white girl.

The Prisoner

S7 E33
May 20, 1962
Matt Dillon guards a Federal prisoner against an enraged father determined to take the law into his own hands.

The Boys

S7 E34
May 27, 1962
Murder and robbery disrupt life in Dodge City when a crooked elixir salesman and his three outlaw sons move in.