Season 2

Episode Guide

The Search

S2 E1
Sep 15, 1962
When young Cale gallops out of town on another man's horse, Marshal Dillon goes after him and finds him paralyzed from a fall.

Root Down

S2 E2
Oct 06, 1962
Pretty Aggie Dutton is so anxious to settle down she lies to her father and tells him Chester wants to marry her.


S2 E3
Oct 13, 1962
Marshal Dillon finds out about the fury of a woman scorned when he spurns the advances of an outlaw's girl friend.

Collie's Free

S2 E4
Oct 20, 1962
After eight years in prison, embittered Collie Patten is unable to adjust to the changes he finds when he conies home.

The Ditch

S2 E5
Oct 27, 1962
Angry homesteaders protest headstrong Susan Bart's plan to divert a creek on her ranch, cutting off their water supply.

The Trappers

S2 E6
Nov 03, 1962
A fur trapper swears to settle the score after his partner leaves him for dead in an Indian fight.

Phoebe Strunk

S2 E7
Nov 10, 1962
Vicious Phoebe Strunk and her four criminal sons climax a round of murder and robbery by kidnapping a young girl.

The Hunger

S2 E8
Nov 17, 1962
A young girl falls in love with Doc Adams after he rescues her from her brutal family.

Abe Blocker

S2 E9
Nov 24, 1962
Marshal Dillon learns that an old friend has become deranged and is bent on driving ranchers off their land with his gun.

The Way It Is

S2 E10
Dec 01, 1962
Angered when Marshal Dillon breaks an important date, Miss Kitty goes off to visit friends and comes upon a handsome stranger.

Us Haggens

S2 E11
Dec 08, 1962
Whether blood is thicker than water is put to a test when Marshal Dillon asks a killer's nephew to help him bring in a wanted man.

Uncle Sunday

S2 E12
Dec 15, 1962
Nothing goes right for Chester when he tries to earn extra money to keep his crooked Uncle Sunday Meachem out of Dodge City.

False Front

S2 E13
Dec 22, 1962
A crafty journalist bets that a greenhorn can pose as a hardened gunman in Dodge City for two weeks and not get killed.

Old Comrade

S2 E14
Dec 28, 1962
War hero Kip Marston asks Army Col. Gabe Wilson to look up his son, but he is totally unprepared for what Wilson finds.

Louie Pheeters

S2 E15
Jan 05, 1963
Louie Pheeters, the town barfly, witnesses a murder and tells the killer about it, thereby becoming the target of a deadly plot.

The Renegades

S2 E16
Jan 12, 1963
Half-breed Quint Asper's bravery causes a haughty Army colonel's daughter to change her attitude toward Indians.

Cotter's Girl

S2 E17
Jan 19, 1963
An untamed nature girl develops a liking for Marshal Matt Dillon and isn't shy about expressing it.

The Bad One

S2 E18
Jan 26, 1963
The son of a killer seems set on proving that he is worse than his badman lather until he meets a convent-bred girl.

The Cousin

S2 E19
Feb 02, 1963
An ex-convict named Chance, who was reared with Matt Dillon, renews their boyhood rivalry when he comes to Dodge City.


S2 E20
Feb 09, 1963
When Kitty and Quint Asper befriend Shona, an ailing Indian woman, they find themselves the targets of a vicious racist boycott.


S2 E21
Feb 16, 1963
Kindly Ben Galt turns into a murderous troublemaker after he suffers a blow on the head.

Blind Man's Bluff

S2 E22
Feb 23, 1963
A cowhand accused of murder assists Marshal Dillon when the latter's eyesight is impaired in an attack by three desperadoes.

Quint Aspeer Comes Home

S2 E23
Feb 28, 1963
After white men slay his father, half-breed Quint Asper joins the Comanche tribe of his Indian mother so he can avenge the killing.

Quint's Indian

S2 E24
Mar 02, 1963
Quint Asper, framed as a horse thief by two bad men, angrily leaves town after being beaten up by several Dodge City residents.

Anybody Can Kill A Marshall

S2 E25
Mar 09, 1963
When two outlaws fail in their efforts to kill Marshal Dillon, a meek little man volunteers to do the job for $200.

Two Of A Kind

S2 E26
Mar 16, 1963
To quell a feud between two old friends, Matt Dillon gets a court ruling that each is to be responsible for the other's life.

Call Me Dodie

S2 E27
Mar 22, 1963
A runaway girl, fleeing brutal treatment at an orphanage, creates a stir in Dodge City among saloon hangers-on.

I Call Him Wonder

S2 E28
Mar 23, 1963
A poker-playing trailhand, Jud Sorrell, reluctantly finds himself looking after a 10-year-old Indian boy.

With A Smile

S2 E29
Mar 30, 1963
A proud father goes to great efforts to make sure his worthless son will face death onthe gallows like a brave man.

The Far Places

S2 E30
Apr 06, 1963
A stern mother's wish for a better life for her son stirs his defiance and threatens tragic consequences for his sweetheart.

Panacea Sikes

S2 E31
Apr 13, 1963
A charming but larcenous lady establishes herself in Dodge City by pretending to be Miss Kitty's mother.

Tell Chester

S2 E32
Apr 20, 1963
Chester becomes involved in a deadly love triangle when his former girl friend marries a man who already has a wife.


S2 E33
Apr 27, 1963
A lonely widow takes angry revenge after realizing she has mistaken half-breed Quint Asper's kindness for romantic interest.

Old York

S2 E34
May 04, 1963
An outlaw who saved Matt Dillon's life 17 years ago takes advantage of the marshal to plot another crime.

Daddy Went Away

S2 E35
May 11, 1963
Chester falls for a penniless seamstress when he sympathetically lends a helping hand to Lucy Damon and her young daughter.

The Odyssey Of Jubal Tanner

S2 E36
May 18, 1963
A saloon girl withdraws into bitterness when a jealous hunter kills the man she loves.


S2 E37
May 25, 1963
A young man's seemingly harmless desire to look for a job in Dodge City results in tragedy.

The Quest For Asa Janin

S2 E38
Jun 01, 1963
Marshal Dillon is forced to send to prison a man he believes innocent of the crime for which he will be hanged.