Season 2

Episode Guide

Armed & Coded

S2 E1
Nov 19, 2016
Mason Kendal asks Kenzie to teach him coding. Seeing an opportunity to get closer to Mason, Babe convinces Kenzie to do it, but gets jealous when Kenzie starts spending more and more time with him.

Baby Hater

S2 E2
Feb 18, 2017
Dub's recently announced bid for mayor gets off to a rocky start after he snubs a newborn, so the Game Shakers step up to help him get over his fear of babies and end "Babygate" once and for all.

Babe's Bench

S2 E3
Feb 25, 2017
Babe blows the entire Game Shakers ad budget on a high-tech bus bench, only to find out the bench is a magnet for low-lifes and weirdos.

The Mason Experience

S2 E4
Sep 17, 2016
Babe is upset to learn that Mason Kendal is moving, so Kenzie designs her a virtual reality version of Mason. Babe loves it, but gets a little too swept up in the experience.

Bunger Games

S2 E5
Feb 18, 2017
When pop star Kayla Batch hires The Game Shakers to make a lifestyle game, she invites Babe to join her elite squad while Kenzie is left on the outs.

Wedding Shower of Doom

S2 E6
Mar 25, 2017
When Dub's brother shows up at Game Shakers and invites everyone except Dub to his wedding, the kids convince him to bring his brother into the fold, promising to make Dub behave himself at the event.

Bear Butt Laser Runner

S2 E7
Nov 5, 2016
After learning that the exact same game idea they're about to pitch to a client was already released by another company, the Game Shakers have twenty minutes to think up a new game.

Air TnP

S2 E8
Mar 4, 2017
After the Game Shakers sign up for the restroom-sharing app Air TnP, one of their customers sabotages their new game with a virus, and the kids have to figure out a way to undo the damage.

Llama Llama Spit Spit

S2 E9
Sep 16, 2017
After the Game Shakers are kicked out of Fooders to make room for a guest who has his photo on the wall, Babe is determined to get their own photo up using any means necessary.

Clam Shakers, Part 1

S2 E10
Nov 4, 2017
In an attempt to seal a promotional partnership with Clam Jumper, the Game Shakers try to hack a billboard and live-stream their new game.

Clam Shakers, Part 2

S2 E11
Sep 9, 2017
A failed hacking attempt and blackmail put the Game Shakers' big deal with Clam Jumper in jeopardy.

Wing Suits & Rocket Boots

S2 E12
Mar 18, 2017
The Game Shakers set Hudson up with a let's play account to help promote their games, but things quickly get out of hand when Hudson puts on Dub's rocket boots for fun.

Game Shippers

S2 E13
Oct 7, 2017
To settle a dispute over who Freddie liked better in iCarly - Carly or Sam - the Game Shakers track down Nathan Kress himself and try to get the answer out of him by any means necessary. Guest Star: Nathan Kress

The One With the Coffee Shop

S2 E14
Oct 14, 2017
After an online story about Game Shakers snubs Kenzie, she and Babe get in a fight. Upset, Kenzie takes a job as a waitress at a coffee shop and Babe has to try and get her back to Game Shakers.

The Trip Trap

S2 E15
May 20, 2017
Babe and Kenzie are suspicious of Trip's new fame-hungry girlfriend and are determined to find out if she's using him to get closer to Double G.

The Switch

S2 E16
Sep 23, 2017
When Dub and the Game Shakers swap dummies - Bunny for Hudson - The Game Shakers quickly regret it and have to figure out how to get Hudson back.

Dancing Kids, Flying Pig

S2 E17
Oct 21, 2017
In order to finish their new dance game on time, The Game Shakers have to wear a motion capture suit and dance their way through the next 48 hours.

War and Peach

S2 E18
Sep 30, 2017
In an attempt to get to know each other better and increase productivity, Kenzie organizes a team building retreat in Game Shakers.

Spy Games

S2 E19
May 6, 2017
When Kenzie installs security cameras in Game Shakers, Babe and Trip set out to teach her a lesson about spying on people.

Babe Gets Crushed

S2 E20
May 13, 2017
After Trip solicits romantic advice from Babe for an alleged friend named "Chuck," she comes to suspect that Trip has a crush on her, and tries her hardest to avoid an awkward work situation.