Season 1

Episode Guide

Eat, Pray, Party!

S1 E1
Nov 28, 2017
Eight young Southerners head to Panama City Beach, FL, for the summer, where Kortni wets Candace's bed on the first night in the house, and Nilsa opens up about her marriage.

Plunger Envy

S1 E2
Nov 28, 2017
The gang get more friendly - both with each other and with some of the Panama City Beach locals. But when one young woman tries to infiltrate their group, the ladies of the house start a turf war.

Dollar Draft Beer People

S1 E3
Dec 4, 2017
The battle of the sexes heats up. The housemates head out to a local bar to blow off some steam, but soon find themselves in hot water.

Home Sweet Home to Me

S1 E4
Dec 11, 2017
On the heels of a massive bar fight, the housemates become closer as a family. But a mysterious truth about Kayla Jo threatenes to drive a wedge between them. Will another spectacular bar brawl make them tighter still, or pull them apart once and for all?

Love You Like a Brother

S1 E5
Dec 18, 2017
After some harsh words at the bar, the gang comes together to show their strength in numbers. While Candace and Nilsa find guys who could have potential in the future, Aimee struggles to cope with the re-opened wounds of her past.

Princess Goddess Mermaid

S1 E6
Dec 25, 2017
As Aimee spirals deeper into despair the housemates help her recognize her true self-worth. A friendly bet between the guys nearly breaks the house in two.

Drunken Words; Sober Thoughts.

S1 E7
Jan 1, 2018
Tension continues to mount until an unexpected death in the family reminds all that life is too short. Soon enough, that lesson is forgotten and petty differences again threaten to blow the house apart.

Snuggle Puddle

S1 E8
Jan 8, 2018
As the summer winds down, the housemates invite their parents to join them. Things get surprisingly turn't up! Later, the gang looks back at their summer-with all the trials and tribulations, laughs and lessons.