Season 2

Episode Guide

Summer In the City

S2 E1
Sep 28, 2005
The CSI's offices have relocated to a Manhattan high rise which includes new labs, a staff break room and new office equipment with state of the art technology. Also, after expressing his interest in moving out of the coroner's office, Dr. Hawkes joins the team in the field and his first case has him working with Mac on the death of a skyscraper climber. Although hundreds of witnesses were on hand to see the climber fall, the team suspects foul play and believes someone caused his death.

Grand Murder At Central Station

S2 E2
Oct 5, 2005
While investigating the murder of a plastic surgeon, Mac and Hawkes discover that suspects abound since the doctor had pending lawsuits with patients who sued him for millions. Meanwhile, Stella and Danny delve into the world of cuddle parties while tracking the killer of a blind woman found on a Manhattan rooftop. Stella enlists the help of a sculptor to aid her with a facial reconstruction project that will help nab the suspect.

Zoo York

S2 E3
Oct 12, 2005
While investigating a vicious tiger mauling at a New York zoo, the CSIs question the workers at the meatpacking plant the victim owned. Meanwhile, Stella and Dr. Hawkes must solve the murder of a debutante found dead on a Central Park carousel. Also, a new CSI (Anna Belknap) joins the team.

Corporate Warriors

S2 E4
Oct 19, 2005
The San Gennaro festival draws over one million revelers annually, making the site a tough crime scene to process. When Stella and Danny are called to investigate a murder at this site, the clues lead them to a pool hall destroyed in a brawl. Meanwhile, Mac and Lindsay investigate the murder of a CFO found decapitated on a bench in Central Park. The investigation leads them to a financial office where the executives practice martial arts competitively.

Dancing With the Fishes

S2 E5
Oct 26, 2005
The team learns that the young dancer was enrolled in a famous dance school and her fellow competitors seem the most likely suspects. Meanwhile, when a local fish merchant's body is found, Danny and Dr. Hawkes trace him back to the recently relocated Fulton Fish Market where they discover that he was impaled by a swordfish. Their investigation leads them to a high-priced Manhattan private school where parents will pay any price to get their children enrolled.


S2 E6
Nov 2, 2005
After a wealthy man is shot at close range in an elevator just outside of his penthouse apartment, Mac and Det. Flack realize that a companion may have witnessed the murder. Their investigation leads Danny and Lindsay into the world of underage high school girls who disguise their age and revel in the Manhattan social scene in order to meet wealthy men.

Manhattan Manhunt

S2 E7
Nov 9, 2005
After escaping capture in Miami, serial killer Henry Darius travels to New York with a college student as his hostage in order to steal millions from her family's vault. Upon arriving, Darius kills a group of students in cold blood and leaves clues specifically for Mac of his whereabouts. Meanwhile, while in NY to assist on a case, Horatio is served with a subpoena when the newly appointed DA names him a suspect in an old murder case.

Bad Beat

S2 E8
Nov 17, 2005
A friendly poker game turns deadly when the players realize one of their own is cheating, beat him mercilessly and kick him out of their apartment.

City of the Dolls

S2 E9
Nov 23, 2005
When the body of a man is discovered buried among a pile of detached doll parts, Mac, Lindsay, Det. Maka (Hu) and Danny are called to one of their most bizarre crime scenes yet. The team must piece together the clues and doll parts to discover who murdered the store's owner. Meanwhile, a beautiful waitress is found dead in a studio apartment recently bestowed to her by one of her patrons.


S2 E10
Nov 30, 2005
When a game between rival teams, the Manhattan Minx and Brooklyn Clobbers, ends in the murder of the premier skater in the league, the CSIs must discover if her murder was an act of jealousy from one of her teammates or if she was killed by an opposing skater because of her competitive edge. Meanwhile, Danny and Sheldon investigate the death of a gifted writer who is found with the final chapter of his latest novel written on his entire body.


S2 E11
Dec 14, 2005
Danny and Stella find innovative ways to process a crime scene while Danny is trapped in a panic room with the victim, who was the only person with the security code. As a locksmith works to cut through the titanium doors, the CSIs rush to process the evidence before the victim decays further and Danny's oxygen runs out. Meanwhile, Mac, Dr. Hawkes and Lindsay investigate the murder of an exotic dancer found dead on a klieg light.


S2 E12
Jan 18, 2006
Mac, Danny and Dr. Hawkes are puzzled by the death of a runway model and their case becomes even more complex when a second model is found dead in a cargo area staged outside of the fashion show. Meanwhile, a terminally ill patient walks into the precinct and confesses to the murder of his doctor. Stella, Det. Flack and Lindsay question the suspect's confession when they realize the doctor was moonlighting as an alternative healer.


S2 E13
Jan 25, 2006
Danny sees a dead man on the tracks of the subway and stops the train before impact. Although the initial thought is that the college student died after subway surfing, Mac, Lindsay and Danny deduce foul play when they learn that he and a friend had been partying all over town leaving angry suspects behind. Meanwhile, when one of the most notorious commodities traders in the industry is found hanging outside his office window, Stella, Dr. Hawkes and Det. Flack are called to investigate.

Stuck on You

S2 E14
Feb 1, 2006
Mac, Det. Flack and Dr. Hawkes investigate the death of a model and an injured 20-something billionaire who were both speared by an arrow while hooking up at his party. Stella, who was attending the event as a guest, joins the investigation as the team works to discover who was the intended target--the playboy who is notorious for his conquests, or the model he had just met. Meanwhile, Danny and Lindsay question a multitude of suspects when a music promoter is found dead.

Fare Game

S2 E15
Mar 1, 2006
Mac, Stella and Det. Flack uncover the latest fantasy game sweeping New Yorkers of every class and status -- an assassination game called "water gun wars," where each player receives a pack of photos from an unknown source, and then must track and shoot their targets with a water gun or balloon before another player kills them first. Meanwhile, when a woman is found dead in her Manhattan apartment, Danny, Sheldon and Det.

Cool Hunter

S2 E16
Mar 8, 2006
After learning that the building in which their victim was found had six suspicious deaths over a 10 year period, Lindsay begins to question the science and wonders if the building is cursed. Mounting evidence seems to point to only one suspect, a doctor, who swears he had no interaction with the victim, even though their lives seem intertwined.

Necrophilia Americana

S2 E17
Mar 22, 2006
Mac becomes particularly protective of the only witness in his murder investigation, a young boy found in shock at the exhibit, who after seeing the grizzly crime, confuses the events at the museum with a comic book he was reading at the time. The team works to discover if the motive was money, given the curator's wealth, or if the witness has something to do with it when the CSIs find he has ties to the victim.

Live or Let Die

S2 E18
Mar 29, 2006
Mac, Sheldon, Danny and Det. Flack's only witness is an unconscious helicopter pilot, but their initial clues lead the CSIs to suspect that the helicopter hijacking may have been an inside job. Meanwhile, the rape and murder of a restaurant hostess found in an alley shocks Stella and Lindsay when they discover that she anonymously engaged in phone sex with her patrons, leaving a suspect list a mile long.

Super Men

S2 E19
Apr 12, 2006
The murder of a would-be super hero leads the team to uncover the illegal sale of prescription drugs to junkies and they suspect the victim's killer is behind it all. Meanwhile, when a college football superstar is killed in his hotel room shortly after being chosen as a first draft pick for the league, Danny and Lindsay question a long list of suspects who came into contact with him after his sudden fame.

Run Silent, Run Deep

S2 E20
Apr 20, 2006
After being unable to jail the leader of the Tanglewood Boys a year before, Mac makes it his mission to succeed this time, but he's shocked when the evidence puts Danny at the crime scene instead. Meanwhile, when a banker is found dead in a hotel room, the team questions the man who runs a high-priced escort service claiming to offer their clientele the ultimate date experience at a very steep cost.

All Access

S2 E21
Apr 26, 2006
The CSIs must investigate the murder of a limo driver in the midst of raucous concert-goers and the Kid himself. A routine "shots fired" call is anything but when Mac realizes the address is Stella's. Upon entering her home, CSI determine Stella has shot and killed her boyfriend Frankie, but with her in shock, the evidence must fill in the blanks where her memory has failed.

Stealing Home

S2 E22
May 3, 2006
CSI find a dead girl dressed as a mermaid tangled in the kelp off a ferry dock, and the case hits personally close to Lindsay when we discover she is also from Montana. The shooting death of a husband is grieved by two widows, and thrust our CSIs into the world of trinogamous relationships, where the chances of a jealous lover committing murder is multiplied by two.


S2 E23
May 10, 2006
When a U.S. Marine is killed in Central Park during Fleet Week, a New York annual tradition showcasing military pride and achievement, Mac personally tracks down the killer and discovers he may be a civilian who isn't a fan of "the few and the proud." The recovery and identity of a body murdered and then burned beyond recognition in a car fire turns out to be a former CSI, Aiden.

Charge of This Post

S2 E24
May 17, 2006
The CSIs face their toughest challenge yet when a bomber uses random cell phone pages to detonate C-4 bombs across the city, and a member of the team fights for life when seriously injured during one of the explosions.