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    Hear from survivors of the tragic 2022 crowd crush in South Korea that left more than 150 people dead.

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Halloween 2022 was supposed to be a night of celebration after two years of isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic. CRUSH is an immersive two-part documentary taking viewers inside the chaos of a devastating crowd catastrophe. Over 100,000 young revelers became trapped in the narrow alleys of trendy Itaewon, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Seoul known for its nightlife. It’s a staggering number - 159 young people mostly in their 20’s would perish that night.

The series shares the untold stories of American students, off-duty U.S. military personnel, and Korean influencers, who found themselves caught in the heart-wrenching disaster. With powerful raw footage, "Crush" exposes the terrifying sequence of events that unfolded on that fateful night. One of the American students had convinced her roommate to go out to a bar for the first time in her life which would tragically become her last. The two U.S. soldiers jump into action saving dozens of strangers. A fashion executive desperately searches for his friend. A Korean illustrator is buried under dozens of bodies and must come to terms with potential paralysis.

First-person accounts by witnesses, and first responders unfold in real-time with rare body camera, CCTV, and cell phone footage putting viewers inside the experience. Victim family members fight off tears to argue that this was not an accident, but a criminal act. There was limited crowd control, resulting in an explosion of accusations and arrests. There would be two suicides from government and police officials. Why wasn’t more done to keep the crowd safe?

"Crush" honors the memories of those who lost their lives and explores the profound impact on those who survived. The series shines a spotlight on the shared humanity that emerged from the darkness, reminding us of the need for compassion, unity, and the pursuit of justice in the face of unimaginable tragedy.
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