Season 2

Episode Guide

Viking Longships

S2 E1
May 19, 2020
See how the ingenious design of the Viking longship made it the combat ship of choice in Europe until the 17th century.


S2 E2
May 26, 2020
Join us as we look back at the stealth ships of WWII and how they paved the way for the "invisible" ships of today.

Doomed Vessels

S2 E3
Jun 2, 2020
Combat ships are designed to be fast, direct, and deadly. But sometimes mistakes are made... with catastrophic consequences.

Destroyers & Cruisers

S2 E4
Jun 9, 2020
From 19th-century, anti-slavery campaigns to D-Day operations, see how cruisers and destroyers saved lives and won battles.

Secrets of the Sea

S2 E5
Jun 16, 2020
Naval battles weren't always the dogfights of popular imagination. The real battles relied on ruses and subterfuge.

Galleons and Privateers

S2 E6
Jun 23, 2020
In the 1500s, Spain had the most powerful naval Armada in the world. This spurred the English to design better ships.

The Battle of Leyte Gulf

S2 E7
Jun 30, 2020
Enter the largest sea conflict in history, as we take a comprehensive look at the Battle of Leyte Gulf in the Philippines.

Amphibious Assaults

S2 E8
Jul 7, 2020
Explore vessels built for amphibious combat over the last century, from D-Day LCTs to Vietnam hovercrafts and more.