Season 4

Episode Guide

The Glitter Games!

S4 E1
May 21, 2015
Learn all about manners with the Guppies, as Molly helps aspiring princess Demanda get polite in time for the Glitter Games! Will they become true princesses together?

Costume Boxing!

S4 E2
Jun 2, 2015
At the height of Fashion Week in Bubbletucky, Molly performs in the quick-change dress-up match. Her skills land her on the cover of Dress-Up!, the hottest fashion mag in town!

The New Doghouse!

S4 E3
Jun 4, 2015
When an accident destroys Bubble Puppy's doghouse, the Guppies team up with the entire neighborhood to build Bubble Puppy's dream home - the most tricked out doghouse Bubbletucky has ever seen!

Guppy Movers!

S4 E4
Oct 6, 2015
When their friend Skip's moving day doesn't go as planned, Molly, Gil, and the rest of the Guppy Movers roll in to set things right in Skip's new home!


S4 E5
Oct 8, 2015
Molly and Gil see how delicious bubblecakes are made when they step into Chef Stef's kitchen.The Guppies get their turn when they take the field to play batterball! It'll take teamwork to run the kitchen-station bases and bake a tasty treat!

Temple of the Lost Puppy!

S4 E6
Nov 13, 2015
Bubble Puppy disappears after he bites down on ancient magic bone, so the Guppies must embark on an epic booby-trapped adventure to find their lost puppy!

Space Guppies!

S4 E7
Jan 15, 2016
When the evil robot Major Bummer tries to eliminate music from the galaxy, pop Princess Molly joins forces with sci-fi versions of the Guppies to restore peace, harmony, and melody! Will they reach the Bubblestar-a giant space station speaker-in time?

The New Year's Dragon!

S4 E8
Feb 5, 2016
The Guppies can't wait for China's Lunar New Year Festival, where they'll operate a giant festival dragon in the grand parade!

Sheep Doggy!

S4 E9
Mar 29, 2016
When Farmer Joe's cute baby lamb wanders off the farm during a popcorn storm, Bubble Puppy becomes a sheepdog to save the day!

Bubble Baby!

S4 E10
Mar 31, 2016
Molly's going to have a new sibling, and the Guppies are excited about babies! At the end of the day, the kids go to the hospital to meet the new baby!

Guppy Style!

S4 E11
Jun 9, 2018
The Guppies hit the road to see a concert by Stylee, a singing sensation known for her fabulous styles! They'll travel by land, sea, and air-and encounter lots of new styles along the way-to get to the arena on time.

The Summer Camp Games

S4 E12
Jun 10, 2016
Summer is here! Molly, Gil, and the rest of the Guppies celebrate the season with lots of outdoor fun. Gil uses his summer camping skills to rescue Bubble Puppy during the Summer Camp Games!

Trick-or-Treat, Mr. Grumpfish!

S4 E13
Oct 21, 2016
Happy Halloween! Molly, Gil, and the rest of the Guppies are picking out costumes, trick-or-treating, and turning their classroom into a haunted house! It'll have to be really spooky if they want to scare Mr. Grumpfish!