Season 1

Episode Guide

Ginger the Juvey

S1 E1
Oct 25, 2000
Ginger is invited to Courtney's surprise birthday party. This upsets Miranda who attempts to sabotage the invite.

Carl and Maude

S1 E2
Nov 1, 2000
Carl along develops a friendship with Maude, a mischievous prankster who lives at Golden Gates Convalescent Home. Courtney invites herself over to Ginger's house for dinner.

Stealing First

S1 E3
Nov 8, 2000
The Annual Lucky Junior High Ski Trip is coming up and Ginger is avoiding getting her mother's permission to attend.

Sleep On It

S1 E4
Nov 15, 2000
When Courtney overhears Ginger making sleepover plans with Macie and Dodie, she enlists Miranda's help in hosting this novel idea herself.

Of Lice & Friends

S1 E5
Nov 22, 2000
When Dodie is chosen as the new school announcement person, she solemnly promises to uphold the dignity of the position, but soon is delivering more gossip than needed information.

Dare I, Darren

S1 E6
Nov 29, 2000
Miranda tries to convince Ginger that she and Darren should be more than just friends, thus clearing her way to Ian. Carl and Hoodsey strive to become world famous.

Hello Stranger

S1 E7
Dec 6, 2000
When Ginger receives a belated graduation card from her father, she calls his answering machine and invites him to hear her poem.

Cry Wolf

S1 E8
Jan 14, 2001
Carl, finding a toupee in the school hallway, fashions it into a mask and reinvents himself as "Wolf Boy."

The Right Stuff

S1 E9
Jan 21, 2001
For a science fair project, Carl and Hoodsey are set to buy Einstein's DNA when Blake Gripling gets to it first. Instead, they collect DNA samples at Macie's pool party.

Kiss & Make Up

S1 E10
Jan 28, 2001
After Lois tells Ginger she can't wear make-up for her school picture, she, Dodie, and Macie create "fake-up." Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey ride with the garbage man to the Griplings' neighborhood, where they find Blake's baby blanket.

The A Ticket

S1 E11
Mar 4, 2001
Ginger is partnered up with Ian Richton for science, which he seems happy about. Meanwhile, Carl, Hoodsey, and Brandon compete for a glockenspiel solo in front of the town eccentric.

Come Back Little Seal Girl

S1 E12
Mar 11, 2001
Ginger, Dodie, and Macie agree on doing a skit devoted to The Little Seal Girl, their childhood hero, for the school talent show. Meanwhile, Carl touches a mummified hand of his teacher's that is supposedly cursed.

I Spy A Witch

S1 E13
Oct 26, 2001
Ginger is framed for vandalizing the school statue and is denied her part as lead in the school musical. Carl is having trouble coming up with a prank that is good enough to scare his mom for Halloween, so he calls Maude back from the dead to help.

Blizzard Conditions

S1 E14
Apr 22, 2001
A snow storm hits Sheltered Shrubs as Ginger, Dodie, and Macie work on their survival story projects. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey watch a dentist's dog in exchange for a cuspidor.

Deja Who?

S1 E15
Nov 4, 2001
Courtney has an allergic reaction to the mystery meat at lunch on the same week that she's supposed escort the Senator's son to school and convince him to enroll there. Hoodsey has a bad fall and gets amnesia.

An Even Steven Holiday Special

S1 E16
Dec 10, 2001
Ginger decides to have a Hanukkah party and turns her back on Dodie's Christmas party. Meanwhile, Hoodsey finds out that the reason Carl doesn't believe in Santa Claus is because he used to wish that his father would come home for Christmas.

Piece of My Heart

S1 E17
Nov 4, 2001
Hoodsey invites Macie to the dance disguised as a "mystery man" because he has a crush on her. Meanwhile, Darren thinks that Courtney invited him to the dance, but she really invited his older brother, Will.

The Summer of Camp Caprice Movie (Camp 3 Parter)

S1 E18
Jul 7, 2001
It is summer vacation, and Ginger, Dodie, and Macie take their annual trip to Camp Caprice, an all-girls camp. Only this time, they have some unexpected baggage. Back in Sheltered Shrubs, Carl and Hoodsey start a house-keeping service.