Episode Guide

Season 5

Episode Guide

Deserted/The Great Snack Off

S5 E1
Feb 23, 2021
After getting detention again, Alvin's convinced Dave will drive him to the desert and abandon him there. Alvin and Theodore play a seemingly innocent game, which leads to unexpected consequences.

Unboxing Day/Dave's Pavilion

S5 E2
Feb 24, 2021
Alvin's attempts to make money as an internet influencer almost drives a local toy store out of business. When the Chipmunks accidently ruin Dave's new pavilion, they allow Miss Miller to take the fall.

U-Fly/Yeti or Not

S5 E3
Feb 25, 2021
Alvin's too short to ride an exhilarating new amusement park ride, so he devises a plan to sneak on afterhours. On a ski trip, Alvin convinces Theodore there's a Yeti nearby, making life miserable for the rest of the family.

Taken/The Flying Beast

S5 E4
Dec 20, 2021
The boy's imaginations run wild when Dave disappears. When they finally find him, they're convinced he's a zombie. Alvin tries to convince Dave that he's being hunted by a flying beast.

The Curse of MacBeth/Zeela The Great

S5 E5
Dec 21, 2021
The Chipmunks don't want to perform in the school play, after learning of its curse. Simon's robot Geizmo becomes jealous of Jeanette's robot Zeela, until a sudden tragedy reveals Geizmo's true heart.

Davey Boy/Dr. Sleep

S5 E6
Dec 22, 2021
Alvin gets a taste of his own medicine when he zaps Dave with a youth ray, turning him into an irresponsible teen. In an effort to be more productive, Simon invents a device that can override the need to sleep. But does it work?

The Road Warrior/My Fair Chipette

S5 E7
Dec 23, 2021
Alvin sounds the alarm when he believes Theodore has joined a motorcycle gang of vampires! When Brittany declines Alvin's help for a talent show, he convinces Jeanette to enter, putting them at odds.

Gone Gal/Time Traveler's Party

S5 E8
Mar 11, 2022
When Miss Croner has a disagreement with Miss Miller, she fakes her disappearance to get even. Simon tells Alvin time travel is impossible, until a man from the future shows up at their home.

The House on Cedar Lane/Bathroom Bully

S5 E9
Mar 18, 2022
When classmates claim a local haunted house isn't that scary, Alvin decides to prove them wrong. When Miss Smith praises Simon's grades in class, Derek bullies him by not allowing him to use the boys' bathroom.

The Return of Thornbergaupht/Squashed

S5 E10
Mar 25, 2022
Simon's interactive video game is about to take off, until Jeanette reprograms the game's villain. When Alvin dreams of joining a private club, he volunteers Dave to play squash, even though Dave doesn't play.

Writer's Block/Jinxed

S5 E11
Apr 1, 2022
When Dave suffers from writer's block, Alvin pretends to write a broadway show, which only makes Dave feel worse. After Theodore sees Alvin accidentally ruin Dave's computer, Alvin jinxes Theodore so he won't be able to tell on him.

Fire Safety/Castle Catastrophe

S5 E12
Apr 8, 2022
When the girls at school develop a crush on the Fire Marshall, Alvin decides to be a hero with disastrous results. After causing an accident at a historic castle, Cheesy and Alvin must work as reenactors to pay for the damage.

The Party Animals/Warren Seville

S5 E13
Apr 15, 2022
Alvin books the band at a birthday party only to discover they've been booked for the petting zoo, as the pets! When Alvin tries to break Theodore's dependence on Talking Teddy, Theodore invents a new imaginary friend.

Excavation Vacation/Trophy Dad

S5 E14
Apr 22, 2022
When Simon falls ill, Alvin takes his place on a camping trip only to discover it's actually an archeological dig. The Chipmunks don't know what to do when they suspect Dave is lying about the various awards he's won.

Skater Girl/All Washed Up

S5 E15
Jun 7, 2022
Brittany hastily enters a skateboard contest against a skate park bully even though she has no clue how to ride. Complaints rise as Simon's robot Geizmo goes around town dismantling washing machines, but is he actually helping?

Summer School/Puzzled

S5 E16
Jun 8, 2022
To keep a planned vacation, the boys do all they can to stop Dave from learning that Alvin has summer school. When Theodore drops a puzzle piece down a floor vent, he gets trapped inside while trying to fish it out.

Car Wars/Mr. Fix-It

S5 E17
Jun 9, 2022
When the Chipmunks get stuck in traffic en route to a show, tempers flare between themselves and other drivers. Simon gets annoyed with everyone asking him to fix things so he decides to play dumb until he gets a "thank you".

Little Drummer Boy/Special Ingredient

S5 E18
Jun 13, 2022
When Alvin insists on taking over the drums from Theodore, Theodore fights back by stealing Alvin's persona. As Theodore is perfecting a pancake recipe, Alvin plays a trick by pouring burping powder in his next batch.

Alvin Gets Schooled/My Life As a Dog

S5 E19
Jun 14, 2022
When Dave learns Alvin blamed him for his poor grades to Miss Smith, Dave sets down a very strict study schedule. Theodore must pose as a dog after the chipmunks accidently shave the fur off a dog Miss Miller is dog sitting.

Mr. Lou/Love Song

S5 E20
Jun 15, 2022
Theo's funky art project becomes a star with its own social media fans, which is great until the page is hacked! Dave writes a hit love song from a poem he found. Since Simon wrote the poem, he panics his secret will come out.

Bubble Wrap/Chess Mate

S5 E21
Jun 16, 2022
Alvin and Brittany wind up in a battle royale over popping acorn tops and bubble wrap. When a cute girl joins the chess club, Alvin enlists Jeanette to teach him how to play so he can join as well.

A Knight's Tail/Dreambomber

S5 E22
Jun 20, 2022
When Eleanor discovers there are no female knights, she hides in a suit of armor and enters a knight competition. Alvin is having the best dreams of his life, until Theodore subconsciously invades them.

The Lifeguard/Scarecrowner

S5 E23
Jun 21, 2022
When Alvin and Eleanor train to be lifeguards, Theodore is passed over but later manages to save the day. When Miss Croner's prized cherries go missing, she suspects crows - but could it be chipmunks?

Run Aimee Run/Theo vs Simon

S5 E24
Mar 4, 2023
The Munks help a world-famous runner design a pair of prosthetic legs for a race she's set to run in. Theodore embarks on a quest to find one thing he can do better than Simon, and realizes it won't be so easy.

Game House/The Underground

S5 E25
Mar 4, 2023
Stuck inside the house due to a storm, Simon invents a virtual reality game that quickly gets out of hand. Cheesy enlists Theodore and Alvin to help steal desserts from the school kitchen using secret underground tunnels.

The Dinner/The Tour

S5 E26
Mar 4, 2023
Alvin invites Dave's old high school rival to an elaborate dinner to prove to him that Dave is a huge success. The Chipmunks can't wait to go on a World tour until Theodore and Alvin realize what they'll be leaving behind.