Season 26

Episode Guide

Loved to Death

S26 E70
Sep 14, 2014
Lauren Astley was a popular teen; her ex-boyfriend, Nathaniel Fujita, a football star. Their breakup was intense — and she's dead. "48 Hours" correspondent Tracy Smith investigates. | Read story here.

Blade Runner: The Verdict

S26 E69
Sep 13, 2014
"48 Hours" goes inside the Oscar Pistorius case as experts and those closest to the Olympic sprinter react to a judge's ruling

Death at Cottonwood Creek

S26 E68
Sep 7, 2014
Did a loving wife slip and fall off a cliff while posing for a snapshot or did her husband want more than a good picture? "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates.

The Blue River Murder

S26 E65
Aug 17, 2014
A mother of three is found dead. She had secrets — did she name her own killer? Tracy Smith reports.

Secrets of the River

S26 E63
Aug 10, 2014
A high school dancer and aspiring model is found dead. Did the killer videotape the murder? Peter Van Sant reports.

Walking Free

S26 E62
Aug 3, 2014
Three murders, three trials, 13 years of reporting by "48 Hours" and a husband and father walks free. Richard Schlesinger reports.

A Bad Bet

S26 E58
Jul 20, 2014
Did a bookie gamble away everything — including his wife's life? "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports.

The Writing on the Wall

S26 E57
Jul 19, 2014
The head of security for a televangelist is threatened, his wife and sons murdered. Who wanted this family dead? "48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher reports.

Murder at Sea?

S26 E55
Jul 6, 2014
Can a $100,000 reward and a new team of FBI agents solve the 9-year-old case of a missing honeymooner? Richard Schlesinger has the latest on the case.

Love, Hate & Obsession

S26 E54
Jun 29, 2014
Who wanted one-time millionaire Lanny Horwitz dead more: his live-in ex-wife or his son? Peter Van Sant investigates. | Read story here.

Oscar Pistorius: Shots in the Dark

S26 E50
Jun 17, 2014
Olympic hero Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend -- was it an accident or is he a cold-blooded murderer? His closest family friend speaks out to "48 Hours."

The Devil's Twin

S26 E49
Jun 15, 2014
A young mother is dead and identical twin brothers are the suspects. Did studying TV crime shows help them come close to pulling off the perfect crime? "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

End of the Trail

S26 E44
May 27, 2014
A key witness in the murder case against an Arizona stockbroker accused of killing his ex-wife speaks out on network television for the first time in an interview with "48 Hours." Maureen Maher reports.

A Daughter, a Mortgage and Two Murders

S26 E41
May 18, 2014
A couple killed, a daughter suspected — could a mortgage application lead to the killer? Erin Moriarty investigates.

"48 Hours": Ambushed

S26 E38
May 11, 2014
A son helps a new detective find his father's killer. Troy Roberts reports.

Temptation in Texas

S26 E37
May 4, 2014
Was a brilliant Texas businessman with a taste for bondage killed by an intruder, someone he loved or by his own hand? Correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates.

Ryan Ferguson @LifeAfterTen

S26 E30
Mar 30, 2014
Wrongly convicted of murder and finally free, can Ryan Ferguson put his life back together? Erin Moriarty reports.

Death at the Parsonage

S26 E17
Jan 5, 2014
An apparent suicide in a Pennsylvania church exposes secrets a twice-widowed pastor wants to keep hidden. Richard Schlesinger reports.

The Stranger You Know

S26 E16
Dec 29, 2014
48 Hours Presents: Live to Tell: A woman is savagely beaten in her own home -- but her attacked refuses to say why

The Year We Disappeared

S26 E15
Dec 29, 2014
48 Hours Presents: Live to Tell: A little girl is terrorized when a killer wants her family dead

Death at Cottonwood Creek

S26 E3
Oct 13, 2013
Did a loving wife slip and fall off a cliff while posing for a snapshot or did her husband want more than a good picture? Peter Van Sant investigates.