Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Best Pets/Jungle Gym

S1 E1
Feb 10, 2018
There are all sorts of pets: fluffy pets, underwater pets, unusual pets - but which one is the best? It's a jungle gymnasium, where all the jungle animals are exercising today.

Sound Safari/Frogs and Toads

S1 E2
Feb 10, 2018
We're listening for all the cool sounds animals make - and then we mash up the meows, moos, and barks into catchy dance tunes.

Show and Tell/Festival of Fluff

S1 E3
Feb 11, 2018
It's Show and Tell time, and all the animals are showing off their favorite objects and special skills.

Baby Animal Nap Time/Desert Days

S1 E4
Feb 26, 2018
It's time for all the baby animals to nap, but nobody is tired! We tire all our little baby animals out until they are finally sleepy enough to nap.

Animals Got Talent/Wild Dance Party

S1 E5
Feb 27, 2018
So many animals have special skills - we meet a bunch of talented animals who are all ready to show off their stuff.

Big Animals/Tiny Animals

S1 E6
Feb 28, 2018
We meet some of the biggest (and coolest!) animals in the world. We meet some of the smallest (and cutest!) animals in the world

Everybody Be Cool/Forest Fun

S1 E7
Mar 1, 2018
It's HOT, and all the animals need to find a way to cool off. We play games with our forest animal friends.

Fancy Animal Photoshoot/Strongest Animals

S1 E8
Mar 2, 2018
So many fancy animals! Whether they are dressed up or naturally fancy, our friend Fancy Cat helps us meet them all.

Funniest Monkey Countdown/Flying Festival

S1 E9
Mar 5, 2018
We are counting down the Top Ten Funniest Monkeys - but who will be the funniest? Come soaring with us as we reach new heights with our flying friends.

Home Sweet Home/Life is a Hoot

S1 E10
Mar 10, 2018
Our animal friends have so many different places they call home. We visit nests, dams, and all sorts of cool animal habitats

Snow Much Fun/Zoofari Farm

S1 E11
Mar 17, 2018
It's the big Dog Sled Race, and all the snow-loving animals are gathering to watch and cheer! Mosey on down to the Zoofari Farm, where we will quack and moo and oink the day away.

Palling Around/Hide-and-Peek

S1 E12
Mar 24, 2018
Animals have good friends just as we do!We're playing a Zoofari game of Hide and Peek, where we encounter some animals who are great at hiding, and others who are great at...peeking!

Whose Nose Knows?/Four Seasons

S1 E13
Mar 31, 2018
So many different animals, so many different noses! We celebrate all kinds of snouts, trunks, and beaks. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter - we take a year-long trip through the seasons.

Animal Business/Water Fun

S1 E14
Apr 7, 2018
These animals take time out of their busy days to chat about their important jobs. Water is not just for drinking and bathing - it's also for playing!

Amazing Mom Awards/The Awesome Animal Games

S1 E15
May 13, 2018
It is the Amazing Mom Awards, which celebrates animal moms for being so strong, protective, and kind. Animals are showing off animals that can do incredible things!

Bunny Bonanza/Panda-Monium

S1 E16
Oct 15, 2018
Every-bunny gather round for a celebration of all the furry, the fuzzy, and the funny!

Animal Head to Toe/Lizard Land

S1 E17
Oct 16, 2018
From heads to hooves, animals have unique and interesting body parts.

Dogs of Zoofari/Cats of Zoofari

S1 E18
Oct 17, 2018
Get ready for a doggone good time with pups who run businesses, do extreme tricks, and love to play!

Meowsical the Musical/Story Time

S1 E19
Oct 18, 2018
Fancy Cat hosts a musical revue with her talented cat friends.

Halloween Costume Party/Pre-school of Fish

S1 E20
Oct 19, 2018
Trick or Treat! The animals are ready to show off their amazing costumes.