Season 3

Episode Guide

Save the Cool Cat & the Hip Hippo!/Tuck & Buck!

S3 E1
May 18, 2009
The Wonder Pets get a call from a Cool Cat and Hip Hippo who are performing at a jazz club in Greenwich Village. The Cat wants to scat but the Hippo wants to bebop at the same time! Tuck's older cousin Buck comes to the classroom for a visit.

The Amazing Ollie!/Help the Monster!

S3 E2
May 21, 2009
Ollie the Bunny tells the Wonder Pets that a magician put him in a hat and made him disappear! The Wonder Pets get a call from an unhappy Baby Monster who is throwing a tantrum and knocking over buildings in her toy city!

Save the Dancing Duck!/Save the Dalmation

S3 E3
Mar 3, 2006
Ming-Ming decides to explore the classroom in search of action, adventure and drama. She enters a diorama and finds a pair of beautiful ballet slippers/The Wonder Pets get a call from a Baby Dalmation in a fire station.

A Job Well Done!/Save the Rhino!

S3 E4
May 22, 2009
To celebrate their hundredth save, Linny presents Ming-Ming and Tuck with a special home movie.

Save the Raccoon!/Save the Loch Ness Monster!

S3 E5
Apr 22, 2009
As the Wonder Pets are on their way to rescue a Raccoon stuck in a recycling bin, the Flyboat breaks down! The Wonder Pets must use recycled materials to save the day!

Save Humpty Dumpty!/Save the Meerkats!

S3 E6
Mar 3, 2006
The Wonder Pets get a call from Humpty Dumpty who is teetering precariously on a wall in a pop-up book. The team must show a colony of Meerkats the joys of voting when they can't agree on how to handle an approaching Jackal.

Save the Honey Bears!/Save the Stinkbug!

S3 E7
May 20, 2009
The Wonder Pets journey to Happyland Forest to help two cartoon bears learn how to share. The Wonder Pets get a call from a smelly Little Stinkbug! The team must show the Baby Stinkbug the joys of taking a bubble bath.

Save the Mermaid!/Save the Pony Express!

S3 E8
May 19, 2009
The Wonder Pets fly into a clay diorama to help a Young Mermaid who wants to be a Pirate. The Wonder Pets must help a Young Pony in the Old West make her first delivery as part of the famous Pony Express!

Save the Bat!/Save the Acting Donkey!

S3 E9
Mar 3, 2006
The Wonder Pets travel to Transylvania to help a Baby Bat who is afraid of the dark. The Wonder Pets head to the Old Globe Theatre to help a Young Shakespearian-actor Donkey who is not prepared for his performance.

Adventures in Wonderland!

S3 E10
Oct 15, 2010
Adventures in Wonderland!: Ollie the Bunny is having a special party in Wonderland but he forgot to invite the guests! It's up to the Wonder Pets to track down the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts and invite them to the party.

Save the Vixen!/Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!

S3 E11
Mar 3, 2006
In this film noir episode, narrated by Linny, the Wonder Pets must help a Fox whose diamond-studded collar has mysteriously disappeared.

Back to Kalamazoo!/Bee and Slug Underground!

S3 E12
Mar 3, 2006
When Aunt Eleanora asks Ming-Ming to watch little Marvin, Ming-Ming brings the whole team to KalamaZoo! When Bee and Slug decide to explore what life is like underground, they get stuck in some ooey gooey mud.

The Bigger the Better!/Help Little Bo Peep!

S3 E13
Mar 3, 2006
Ming-Ming flies through the shrink machine the wrong way and becomes enormous! In this swinging Andrews Sisters-style show, the Wonder Pets get a phone call from Little Bo Peep, who's lost her three singing Sheep.

Save the Rock Lobster!/Help the Houseguest!

S3 E14
Mar 3, 2006
The Wonder Pets travel to Cape Cod to help a Lobster in a lobster trap free himself before the trap is raised. Floppy the Elephant comes to the classroom for a sleepover. But when Floppy gets homesick, the team must help him feel at home.

Save the Lovebugs!/Save the Skunk Rocker!

S3 E15
Feb 12, 2010
The Wonder Pets travel to the Florida Everglades to reunite a pair of quarreling Lovebugs on Valentine's Day./The Wonder Pets get a call from Manchester, England where a Skunk Rocker can't find a band to play with him.

Help the Easter Bunny!/Save the Visitor's Birthday Party!

S3 E16
Apr 2, 2010
It's Easter, but the Easter Bunny is sick at home with a cold! The Wonder Pets must help Ollie fill in for him.

Save the Moose in the Caboose!/Climb Everest!

S3 E17
Mar 3, 2006
Ming-Ming draws a colorful story about a Moose stuck in a caboose that's headed for a cliff! But when she can't figure out how to save the Moose, she calls Linny and Tuck to help her brainstorm a solution.

Happy Mother's Day/Save the Sun Bear!

S3 E18
May 7, 2010
It's Mother's Day and the Wonder Pets are taking cookies to Granny Ginny. On the way, they run into mothers from past saves and give them some cookies. But when they arrive at Ginny's, all the cookies are gone!

Help the Groundhog!/Help the Lion Cub!

S3 E19
Mar 3, 2006
The Wonder Pets travel to a snowy forest to help a shivering Groundhog get warm. The Wonder Pets journey to Africa to help a Lion Cub learn to pounce and roar for the king.

How it All Began

S3 E20
Apr 9, 2010
Linny tells Tuck, Ming-Ming and Ollie the story of how the Wonder Pets first got started. We flashback in time and see how Linny met Tuck and Ming-Ming, how they discovered teamwork and where all those catchy songs come from!

Save the Genie!

S3 E21
Mar 3, 2006
The Wonder Pets get a call from a Genie whose lamp has been dented beyond repair. The team flies out to a storybook Arabian desert and rubs the Genie's lamp, setting him free.

In the Land of Oz

S3 E22
Mar 3, 2006
The Wonder Pets get caught in a tornado and blown to the magical Land of Oz! Without their Flyboat, they have no way of returning to their classroom.