Season 7

Episode Guide

Burnin' Down The House (Part 1)

S7 E1
Sep 19, 1995
Returning form an idyllic honeymoon in the sunny tropics, Joe and Helen learn their house has burned to the ground.

Burnin' Down The House (Part 2)

S7 E2
Sep 26, 1995
Joe is indignant on throwing his brother, Brian, out of his life until he receives a visit from the ghost of his father.

Death Becomes Him

S7 E3
Oct 10, 1995
Joe and Brian are paid to fly the deceased old man Kingsbury back to Nantucket and accidentally bring back the wrong body so Joe has to pose as a corpse.

The Person Formerly Known As Lowell

S7 E4
Oct 31, 1995
Lowell returns to Nantucket after seeing America and immediately needs to fly to Boston to repair one of Roy's planes. While in Boston, Lowell witnesses a gangland murder and is forced to enter the Federal Witness Protection Program.

Hooker, Line And Sinker

S7 E5
Nov 07, 1995
Antonio is depressed that he is destined to be alone, so Joe and Brian unknowingly arrange a date with a prostitute.

So Long, Frank Lloyd Wrong

S7 E7
Nov 21, 1995
Joe and Helen meet the famous architect Y.M. Burg, who out of sympathy offers to design their new traditional dream home. Brian hires a new mechanic with a secret.

When A Man Loves A Donut

S7 E8
Nov 28, 1995
Brian gains over a hundred pounds and is forced to join Eat-A-Holics, where he realizes that his outrageous weight gain is because he feels rejected by his recently married brother, Joe, now that Joe has less time to spend with him.

The Big Sleep

S7 E9
Dec 12, 1995
Helen and Joe fight over the plans for their new home and Joe has a terrible dream that seems like reality.

Twas The Heist Before Christmas

S7 E10
Dec 19, 1995
Helen throws her first Christmas party and all of her guests have their wallets stolen.

Honey, We Broke The Kid

S7 E11
Jan 02, 1996
Helen and Joe baby-sit their friend's little girl and dump their childhood neuroses on her.

B.S. I Love You

S7 E12
Jan 09, 1996
Joe and Brian are reunited with their grandfather, Jack Hackett, who Helen and Casey discover is an imposter.

Sons And Lovers

S7 E13
Jan 16, 1996
R.J., Roy Biggins' estranged gay son, returns to Nantucket to celebrate his father's birthday and confronts him about his lifestyle.

Bye George

S7 E14
Jan 30, 1996
Fay decides to marry after a whirlwind romance with a man she met on a cruise ship.

The Team Player

S7 E15
Feb 06, 1996
Sandpiper air is boycotted after Antonio doesn't let a famous sports figure board the plane.

Love At First Flight

S7 E16
Feb 13, 1996
Brian falls in love, mid-flight, with his only passenger on Valentine's Day.

One Flew Over The Cooper's Nest

S7 E18
Feb 27, 1996
Crazy Sandy Cooper returns to Nantucket to have Joe's baby.

Driving Mr. Decarlo

S7 E19
Mar 12, 1996
Antonio takes a high paying job, but suspects his boss is linked to the mob.

What About Larry

S7 E21
Apr 09, 1996
Helen and Joe finally find the perfect contractor to build their home, however, after he falls to pieces and stops working when his wife kicks him out.

The Lady Vanishes

S7 E22
Apr 23, 1996
Antonio meets the girl of his dreams, but then loses her.

The Lyin' King

S7 E24
May 07, 1996
Joe and Brian visit a strip club to see a former high school classmate dance.

Love Overboard

S7 E25
May 14, 1996
Casey's husband, Stuart, returns after being gone for two years.

Grouses, Houses And Bickering Spouses

S7 E26
May 21, 1996
Joe and Helen find the house of their dreams.