Season 3

Episode Guide

The Naked Truth

S3 E1
Sep 19, 1991
When Joe leaves for New York to tell Helen of his new girlfriend, Gail, he finds her working in a strip joint and convinces her to return home. But Helen is not too happy when she discovers Joe has a new love and vents her anger by destroying his office with her jeep.

Is That A Subpoena In Your Pocket?

S3 E2
Sep 26, 1991
Joe takes Helen to court when she drives her jeep through his office wall and refuses to pay for the damages.

The Taming Of The Shrew

S3 E3
Oct 10, 1991
When Helen's resentment toward Joe escalates, she agrees to try group therapy in hopes of resolving her anger.

I Ain't Got No Bunny

S3 E4
Oct 17, 1991
Joe and Brian climb to all heights to try to save Lowell's marriage.

If Elected I Will Not Live

S3 E5
Oct 21, 1991
When Roy declares himself a candidate in the upcoming town council election, the community desperately urges Fay to run against him.

My Brother's Keeper

S3 E6
Nov 07, 1991
When a rich debutante, Mimsy Borogroves arrives on the island in search of investment opportunities Brian finds himself choosing between his dignity and the economic future of Nantucket.

Grate Expectations

S3 E7
Nov 14, 1991
Joe overhears plans for his surprise birthday party, but misses the fact the date was changed.

Ladies Who Lunch

S3 E8
Nov 21, 1991
Joe insists Helen and Gail have lunch together to put an end to their fighting, but lunch goes too well for Joe's liking.

The Late Mrs. Biggins

S3 E10
Dec 12, 1991
Roy must come to terms with the loss of his first wife.

The Bogey Men

S3 E11
Dec 19, 1991
Joe, Brian, Roy and Lowell spend a less than cozy weekend together in a one-room condo in South Carolina.

Marriage, Italian Style (Part 1)

S3 E12
Jan 09, 1992
Helen and Antonio tie the knot in an attempt to deceive the government.

Stew In A Stew

S3 E14
Jan 23, 1992
Convinced Joe is not appreciative of her talents, Fay quits Sandpiper Air.

This Old House

S3 E15
Jan 30, 1992
Joe and Brian destroy their childhood house.

Planes, Trains and Visiting Cranes

S3 E16
Feb 13, 1992
Cheers' Dr. Frasier Crane brings his travelling psychiatric seminar to Nantucket.

Das Plane

S3 E17
Feb 20, 1992
Joe falls asleep at the controls of his plane, which plummets to a cornfield in the middle of nowhere.

Take My Life, Please

S3 E18
Feb 27, 1992
Helen takes a stab at stand-up comedy.

Four Dates That Will Live In Infamy

S3 E19
Apr 02, 1992
Helen, Brian, Joe and Lowell, desperately seeking dates, join a video dating service.

The Bank Dick

S3 E20
Apr 23, 1992
Brian becomes a bank security officer.

Say It Ain't So Joe

S3 E21
Apr 30, 1992
Joe is crushed when he learns that his old high school baseball strikeout record is in jeopardy.

As Fate Would Have It

S3 E22
May 07, 1992
Joe, Brian, Helen, Lowell, Roy and Fay prepare for a crash landing, over the open water.