Season 2

Episode Guide

The Story Of Joe

S2 E2
Oct 6, 1990
Brian and Joe vie for the attention of an airline magazine reporter.

A Little Nightmare Music

S2 E3
Oct 13, 1990
Helen forces a noted conductor to listen to her music, only to learn that her years of practice may have been for nothing.

Sports And Leisure

S2 E4
Oct 20, 1990
Roy dismays his airport co-workers by professing a desire to joint hem in some leisure time activities.

A Stand Up Kind Of Guy

S2 E5
Oct 27, 1990
Joe gets himself in a sticky situation when he agrees to be the best man at the wedding of a high school classmate he doesn't remember.

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Police Woman Scorned

S2 E7
Nov 17, 1990
Brian gets in trouble when he charms the island's tough but lovesick policewoman.

High Anxiety

S2 E8
Nov 24, 1990
Sandpiper Air faces an uncertain future when Joe's high blood pressure gets him grounded.

Friends Or Lovers

S2 E9
Dec 8, 1990
Helen and Antonio tie the knot in an attempt to deceive the government.

There's Always Room For Cello

S2 E10
Dec 15, 1990
Roy gets the surprise of his life when he agrees to let his star athlete son take cello lessons from Helen.

Love Is Like Pulling Teeth

S2 E13
Jan 11, 1991
Joe plays nursemaid to Helen when she has her wisdom teeth pulled, but loses his patience when he tries to sneak away to watch a basketball game.

The Tennis Bum

S2 E14
Jan 25, 1991
Brian tries to save face when Fay trounces him in a friendly game of tennis.

Plane Nine From Nantucket

S2 E16
Feb 8, 1991
An "out of the ordinary" cargo delivery turns into an unforgettable trip when Brian and Joe spot a UFO, leaving Sandpiper Air and its operators open to public humiliation.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

S2 E17
Feb 15, 1991
When Joe and Helen decide to meet at their "special place" on Valentine's Day, they end up on opposite ends of the island.

Love Means Never Having To Say Geronimo

S2 E18
Feb 22, 1991
Joe and Helen find themselves being rushed to the altar when Brian and the jet-setting woman of his dreams talk them into a double wedding.

All In The Family

S2 E19
Mar 8, 1991
While Joe and Helen test the boundaries of their new romance. Kenny admires Brian's ability with women until attractive mother becomes his boss' next target.

Mother Wore Stripes

S2 E20
Mar 15, 1991
Sparks fly when Brian catches a glimpse of his long estranged mother on television, and arranges for a family reunion against Joe's wishes.

Murder, She Roast

S2 E21
Mar 22, 1991
Brian's imagination runs wild when an episode of "Fugitives From Justice" features a serial killer who bears a startling resemblance to Fay.

Duet For Cello And Plane

S2 E22
Mar 29, 1991
Joe finds himself playing second fiddle to Helen's cello when she decides to pursue her music career full-time.