Season 4

Episode Guide

The Trial of Carmen Sandiego

S4 E1
Sep 09, 1996
Carmen is 'kidnapped' by R. B. Traitor, a vigilante ex-judge who claims he's prosecuting her for stealing the Magna Carta. After tracking her to Traitor's bogus court, Zack and Ivy find themselves going to the ends of the earth to defend the thief.

Trick or Treat?

S4 E2
Oct 31, 1996
Zack and Ivy learn the history behind the modern celebration of Halloween, when Carmen begins stealing some VERY strange items that can lead them to only one conclusion - She's planning the ultimate Haunted House.

Retribution: The Unsinkable Carmen Sandiego

S4 E3
Mar 30, 1998
In a flashback episode we see a young Detective Carmen Sandiego foil Dr. Maelstrom and his diabolical plan to raise and steal the Titanic.

Retribution: In Memoriam, Pt. 2

S4 E4
Mar 31, 1998
Carmen learns that Dr. Maelstrom, an arch enemy she arrested ten years ago, while an Acme detective, has escaped from prison. The evil ocean going genius is bent on destroying Carmen's reputation as the world's greatest thief.

Retribution: Maelstrom's Revenge, Pt. 3

S4 E5
Apr 01, 1998
In the rousing climax to a three part story, Carmen works with Zack and Ivy to stop her evil nemesis, Dr. Maelstrom, who is bent on destroying her forever, while carrying out a plan to steal "the unstealable" - Noah's Ark!

Timing is Everything

S4 E6
Dec 05, 1998
When Carmen's henchman Mason Dixon bungles a robbery at Appomattox, he goes back in time to take Carmen's place as the world's greatest thief.

Cupid Sandiego

S4 E7
Dec 12, 1998
Acme's intrepid new techno whiz kid, JOSHA, has a crush on Ivy. He keeps trying to ask her out during the strange twists and turns of the latest Carmen case.

Can You Ever Go Home Again? Pt. 1

S4 E8
Dec 26, 1998
Carmen's latest theft has her believing she has found her long lost father. However, when this famous millionaire is kidnapped by ex-Acme Detective/ex-Carmen Protégé, LEE JORDAN, she has a change of heart and goes back to her thieving ways.

Can You Ever Go Home Again? Pt. 2

S4 E9
Jan 02, 1999
In a rousing climax, Carmen must steal items from all over the world in hopes of ransoming Malcolm Avalon from the maniacal Lee Jordan. When she finally confronts Lee to make the exchange, he demands one final "job" from her.