Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Functions of Government

S1 E1
Nov 1, 2023
JADE and MAX are transported into a video game world as Jade explains the functions of government.

Rules and Laws

S1 E2
Nov 1, 2023
CARLA dives into the world of laws to explain where laws come from and why they're important.

Our Rights

S1 E3
Nov 1, 2023
JADE explains to AVA that our rights are like armor that protects us against unreasonable rulers and governments.

Branches of Government

S1 E4
Nov 1, 2023
Basketball reminds CARLA of the branches of government; she pulls MAX into her mind to explain.

It's All Local

S1 E5
Nov 1, 2023
JADE explains why local government is important by using CARLA'S surprise party to demonstrate.

A Part of Something

S1 E6
Nov 1, 2023
JADE explains to AVA and JOHNNY how she is a "star of the community" while showcasing how anyone can be involved.

Our Voices

S1 E7
Nov 1, 2023
CARLA compares voting for the class party to voting in general -- you better vote to have a say!

Differences, Disagreements, and Democracy

S1 E8
Nov 1, 2023
MAX helps JADE and CARLA understand civil discourse when the two clash over school mascots.


S1 E9
Nov 1, 2023
While walking to school, AVA explains to JOHNNY why rules are important for keeping us safe.


S1 E10
Nov 1, 2023
At a neighborhood diner and block party, JOHNNY shows AVA why we should celebrate our differences!


S1 E11
Nov 1, 2023
When they disagree, AVA shares with JOHNNY how she calms down before getting too upset.

Do Your Part

S1 E12
Nov 1, 2023
A shrunken JOHNNY and AVA have fun "doing their part" by cleaning up toys that have come to life.