Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Tidal Forest of Africa

S1 E1
Nov 27, 2015
Visit a secret subtropical shoreline where extraordinary forest-dwellers fight a daily battle for survival.

Lifeblood of the Kalahari

S1 E2
Dec 21, 2015
In the midst of an aird desert, the Okavango Delta creates an unlikely haven for Africa's most iconic animals.

Urban Penguins

S1 E3
Mar 4, 2016
Human activity obliterated much of Africa's penguin population, but these master divers have a hopeful future.

Precious Waters

S1 E4
Apr 11, 2016
From massive hippos and elegant antelope to sharptooth catfish, savanna wildlife relies on the watering hole.

The Blue Lagoon

S1 E5
May 2, 2016
Meet an extraordinary abundance of marine and avian life in one of Africa’s rare saltwater lagoons.

Chobe River of Life

S1 E6
Jun 26, 2016
Deep in southern Africa, a mighty river attracts a spectacular array of animals to the untamed wilderness.

Source to Sea

S1 E7
May 12, 2017
Water flows from mountain peaks to the Indian Ocean, shaping the lives of countless animals along the way.

Wetland Wonder

S1 E8
May 13, 2017
One of Africa's greatest wetlands is facing a severe drought. Can its exotic array of wildlife adjust to a drier world?