• Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 3

    S3 E7: Civil Defense

    45M NOV 07, 1994 TV-PG

    S3 E7: When Chief O'Brien accidentally triggers an old anti-insurgency program left behind by the Cardassians, the station's computers believe that the crew is a mob of rebelling Bajorans and takes steps to contain them.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
A spinoff of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Deep Space Nine" is set on a space station near the planet Bajor. This time, Commander Benjamin Sisko is in charge of a diverse crew. But unlike other "Star Trek" series, there's no USS Enterprise to help them. Sisko and the crew must fight off rival alien species who want control of Deep Space Nine because of its strategic position close to a wormhole, which allows speedy travel to the far reaches of space.
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine