Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Battle of LA

S1 E1
Nov 08, 2015
Just a few months after Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor, Los Angeles came under an air attack of its own, but from who, or what, remains a hotly debated topic. Some people, including a former FBI agent and UFO investigator, believe it may be the first and best-documented case of an extraterrestrial visitation. Others are more skeptical. One thing is certain. Something incredible happened on February 25, 1942. Now, with recently declassified top-secret documents and startling new evidence, we attempt to unlock this 73-year-old mystery.

The Rendlesham Incident

S1 E2
Nov 15, 2015
In 1980, Britain's most significant UFO sightings occurred in the woods between two U.S. NATO Air Force bases. Documented accounts of the events, including one lieutenant colonel's remarkable audio recording, argue that some kind of phenomena appeared, but what? Join us as we study declassified military reports, interview UFO experts, and bring some of the witnesses back to the site more than 30 years later. We determine if their accounts were influenced by the stress of an intensifying Cold War or if there's another, otherworldly explanation.

Black Triangles

S1 E3
Nov 22, 2015
For decades, thousands of sightings of dark, delta-shaped flying objects have been reported in North America and Europe, all filed under an ominous name: "Black Triangles." Investigators are still unsure of what these mysterious craft are or where they came from. Join our investigation as we gather eyewitness accounts, expert testimony, and top-secret government files in an attempt to determine if these UFOs were optical illusions, top-secret military test planes, or the best examples of extraterrestrial visitations on record.

Pilot Eyewitness

S1 E5
Dec 06, 2015
Each year, there are millions of commercial flights around the world, and thousands of aircraft in the sky at any given moment. With that many eyes in the skies, it's little wonder that some of the most stunning UFO sightings have been reported by airline pilots. Relive three of the most riveting encounters, which took place over Alaska, New Mexico, and the English Channel. Join us as we open up recently declassified government files and talk to eyewitnesses in an attempt to explain the seemingly unexplainable.