Season 2

Episode Guide

The W.A.N.G.

S2 E1
Sep 25, 2015
Versus invades a British wedding, Gary faces the prospect of a gruesome surgery, a bird reveals its pecker, and an office worker harbors a terrifying secret.

Let Me Transfer You

S2 E2
Oct 02, 2015
A car salesman pulls out all the stops, the gang surprises Gary on a camping trip, the Easter Bunny finds himself in the wrong house, and Beth has a religious experience.

Dirty Talk

S2 E3
Oct 09, 2015
Steve struggles to control his urges around the office, a children's cereal mascot runs into some rotten kids, and Jeff tries to prevent a horrific future.

Cold War 2

S2 E4
Oct 16, 2015
A knight redresses an embarrassing mistake, a couple frets over renting a new apartment, and a grown man lives in his mother's womb.

Short Change

S2 E5
Oct 23, 2015
The Suck It, Gary! trio has a sleepover, two recently deceased jerks enjoy their ghostly existence, and a woman with a gluten sensitivity is accused of witchcraft.

Hot Box

S2 E6
Oct 30, 2015
Ricky the Rocketship helps out with a school pageant, Bethiffer applies for jobs at the mall, and Roy becomes obsessed with a new dating app.

Cereal Interruptus

S2 E7
Nov 06, 2015
An auctioneer tries to pick up a woman at a party, an evil spirit finds itself in an unlikely vessel, and Beth and Jennifer sue a Chinese restaurant for false advertising.

Precipice of Yesterday

S2 E8
Nov 13, 2015
One of the aliens becomes addicted to Jeff's farts, a man contracts a rare STD, and Jerk Chicken goes speed dating.

Mr. Winchester Goes to Washington

S2 E9
Nov 20, 2015
The TripTank staff testifies in front of a congressional committee, Ricky the Rocketship botches a rescue mission, and a father takes his kids on a wild ride.

Steve's Family

S2 E10
Nov 20, 2015
Gary gets pranked while hosting an important dinner, Versus pits a baby against a pack of wolves, and Steve fields awkward phone calls from his entire family.

Crime Steve Investigation

S2 E11
Jun 19, 2016
Gary gets pranked at a water park, Jeff makes a mistake that affects the entire human race, and a Native American tribe insists on using every part of a dead buffalo.

How the Sausage Is Made

S2 E12
Jun 26, 2016
Steve and Roy suffer through an excruciatingly long bathroom line, Jerk Chicken runs afoul of his gay friend, and a time travel newbie takes the plunge.

Sick Day

S2 E13
Jul 03, 2016
Too much cough syrup foils a prank on Gary, a ninja bucks tradition to take down an organized crime ring, and the TripTank receptionist gets sick.

TripTank 2025

S2 E14
Jul 10, 2016
A father returns from a stand-up tour with inappropriate jokes, a superhero defeats villains with his uncomfortable name, and a warlock has a disturbing habit.


S2 E15
Jul 18, 2016
Steve shrinks down and enters Roy's body, a children's educational show displays its dark side, and Gary continues to suck it.

Brain Virus

S2 E16
Jul 25, 2016
An evil genius tries his hand at stand-up comedy, things go too far on a hunting trip, and a murderous clown goes after a mime.

Deuce Ex Machina

S2 E17
Aug 01, 2016
Jeff goes on vacation for some wild alien sex, a hit man's clarinet lessons pay off, and a fairy godmother really sucks at her job.

Buck Wild

S2 E18
Aug 08, 2016
An astronaut hallucinates a hot alien, Jerk Chicken teaches a stripper the art of the tease, and two old men butt heads.

The D.O.N.G.

S2 E19
Aug 15, 2016
Chaz tries out a new virtual reality device, Ricky the Rocketship negotiates a gang war, and a homeless man delivers some very subjective news.

Green Out

S2 E20
Aug 22, 2016
Roy and Steve bond on a field trip to the IT department, Gary gets pranked at the mall, and a woman uses her own body as a purse.