Season 10

Episode Guide

The Shipshape Cruise

S10 E1
Nov 21, 1986
Doc marries a younger woman only to run into his ex-wife while on his honeymoon. Meanwhile, a voluptuous diet doctor hires a svelte fitness instructor to impersonate her, and a man has to tell his partner their relationship may be over.

The Christmas Cruise

S10 E2
Dec 25, 1986
While the new Mrs. Stubing wonders what to get the captain for Christmas, a comedic Santa suffers from depression. Then, a couple reunite after a long time apart, and a mother-daughter con-artist duo prey on passengers.

Who Killed Maxwell Thorn

S10 E3
Feb 27, 1987
After secretly gifting six strangers a cruise, a billionaire goes missing, and Ace suspects one of the six is a murderer. Meanwhile, Mrs. Stubing wants to feel she's more than just the captain's wife.