The Good Wife Binge-Watch Guide: Season 6

A recap of the key episodes and important moments you need to know
Posted on Apr 28, 2016 | 08:10am
A popular legal and political drama, The Good Wife manages to be smart and funny while addressing today's hottest issues. For seven seasons, we've followed Alicia Florrick and her family through ever-evolving relationships, which set the stage for riveting story arcs, dynamic character growth, and nail-biting scenes.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the show with our guide to some of the biggest episodes of Season 6.

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Episode 1, Season 6: "The Line"

Season 6 kicks off with Alicia refusing—despite Eli’s desperate attempts—to run for State's Attorney. Diane considers partnering at Florrick/Agos amidst an internal crisis. Cary is arrested and charged with trafficking $1.3 million worth of heroin. He's held in jail as the firm tries to get together the money to bail him out.

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Episode 4, Season 6: "Oppo Research"

Alicia begins to consider running for State's Attorney. In an effort to sway her, Eli introduces her to a well-respected campaign manager.

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Episode 5, Season 6: Shiny Objects"

Alicia faces Elsbeth Tascioni in court. Meanwhile, Florrick/Agos/Lockhart goes into panic mode when a hacker threatens to delete all of the firm's files if their high ransom demand isn’t met.

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Episode 12, Season 6: "The Debate"

Amidst a potential riot, Alicia and Frank Prady's debate in the race for State’s Attorney continues even after they leave the podium.

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Episode 13, Season 6: "Dark Money"

The notorious Colin Sweeney returns to take suit against a TV producer using his likeness. Meanwhile, Alicia and Frank Prady vie for a major campaign contribution.

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Episode 19, Season 6: "Winning Ugly"

Alicia and Eli work to prevent a recount after evidence of potential voter fraud comes to light. Diane learns that she unwittingly submitted false evidence in Cary's case.

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Episode 19, Season 6: "The Deconstruction"

Betrayed by her own party, Alicia is forced to resign as State's Attorney in the wake of the voter fraud scandal.

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Episode 22, Season 6: "Wanna Partner?"

In the Season 6 finale, Peter reveals his plans to take his political career to the national level. In order to save Cary from prison and Diane from being disbarred as a result of false evidence that Kalinda provided, the investigator provided the DA with evidence against Bishop and disappeared.

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From Left: Reese Dipple, Johnny Elfman, Dexter Rojas, and Frank Prady

Season 6 at a glance:
  • We meet Reese Dipple, a multi-billionaire and staunch Republican, who decides to hire Diane Lockhart.
  • Cary Agos and Kalinda Sharma are offered the prisoner's dilemma by the DA's office in an effort to arrest drug kingpin Lemond Bishop.
  • After implicating Bishop's lieutenant Dexter Rojas, Kalinda flees from Chicago and is never heard from again.
  • Alicia wins the race for State's Attorney against Frank Prady—only to be forced to step down by her own party.
  • In the Season 6 finale, Alicia must face tough professional decisions in the wake of the SA scandal.
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