Season 2024

Episode Guide

The Uplift: What is love?

S2024 E7
Mar 2, 2024
The Uplift asks couples from across the country what they love most about each other – and there is no shortage of heartwarming answers. Steve Hartman honors the person who goes "On The Road" with him as he covers inspiring stories. Plus, a stranger's acts of kindness in the Atlanta airport makes an impact.

The Uplift: Who inspires you?

S2024 E6
Feb 24, 2024
"The Uplift" asks people in downtown St. Louis: "Who inspires you?" Their powerful answers are a reminder of what is important in life. Plus, a barber shop aims to give its employees a second chance in life. And a mom who sought to find a calming space for her son with autism ends up creating a magical place for people of all ages.

The Uplift: A match made in heaven

S2024 E5
Feb 10, 2024
A couple born on the same day at the same hospital makes an against-all-odds match on a dating app. A mother mourning the loss of her son makes a connection to a 5-year-old stranger. Plus, more heartwarming stories.

The Uplift: A Kelce act of kindness

S2024 E4
Feb 3, 2024
Jason Kelce makes the day of a McDonald's worker. A social media star uses her platform to educate people about ALS. Plus, more heartwarming stories.

The Uplift: Daniel Kaluuya and more

S2024 E3
Jan 27, 2024
Actor Daniel Kaluuya talks about his newest role – behind the camera. David Begnaud goes to a surprise location in search of a story and finds a man helping others with wooden nickels. Plus, other heartwarming stories.

The Uplift: A snow storm savior

S2024 E2
Jan 19, 2024
The woman who saved a man with disabilities during a snowstorm is recognized for her heroic actions. A former inmate builds his business and helps others. Plus, more heartwarming stories.

The Uplift: Love birds

S2024 E1
Jan 12, 2024
A goose who was lonely and grieving after its partner died gets a new friend. A woman's gift to her father becomes a major tourist attraction. Plus, more heartwarming videos.