​First Look At The Twilight Zone's "The Blue Scorpion"

The all-new episode starring Chris O'Dowd and Amy Landecker drops Thursday, May 23, exclusively on CBS All Access.
Posted on May 22, 2019 | 10:15am

Grieving for a lost loved one is difficult in any dimension, but as we'll learn in an all-new episode titled "The Blue Scorpion," The Twilight Zone is no place to go seeking solace or comfort.

After Jeff (Chris O'Dowd) loses his father to suicide, the police find a mysterious object in his possession—an ornate handgun called the Blue Scorpion.

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This is especially weird because Jeff insists that his father hated guns. Stranger still is what he discovers next: a bullet with his name on it.

As Jeff digs deeper into his father's death and this mysterious weapon, he may just discover you don't always get the answers you're looking for in The Twilight Zone.

"The Blue Scorpion" also stars Amy Landecker and features Jordan Peele as host and narrator.

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