Season 5

Episode Guide

Rev. Run

S5 E1
Mar 30, 2016
Boyce decides to run for mayor after witnessing the red tape involved in paying for a traffic ticket, while Lolli worries that wearing eyeglasses will make her unattractive.

Boyce's Choices

S5 E2
Apr 6, 2016
Boyce lets his family run his mayoral campaign, but after a few failed events, he goes behind their backs and hires Alicia, a professional campaign manager.

Hangin' with Mr. Cupper

S5 E3
Apr 13, 2016
Alicia finds skeletons in the Ballentines' closet that could derail Boyce's campaign, Boyce considers firing a staff member, and Lolli tracks down lewd photos of herself.

Leader of the PAC

S5 E4
Apr 20, 2016
Lolli and Stamps form a Super PAC to fund Boyce's campaign without Alicia's approval, but when they host a casino night event, they need Alicia to bail them out.

Southern Discomfort

S5 E5
Apr 27, 2016
Alicia has Boyce attend a donor event to raise funds, but things get complicated by the donor's penchant for Confederate flags, while Barton looks for a temporary preacher.

Soul Train

S5 E6
May 4, 2016
Lolli's kicked off a wine-tasting train for being too loud and Boyce has her back even though he thinks she's wrong, while Stamps helps Alicia relieve her campaign stress.

Sex, Lies, and Video Store

S5 E7
May 11, 2016
Boyce and Lolli's old Vegas neighbors crash a quiet viewing party of Boyce's first TV campaign ad, while Stamps and Alicia out their relationship.

This Mud's For You

S5 E8
May 18, 2016
Current mayor Saxby and Boyce square off for a debate and Boyce tries to keep it clean and focus on the issues, but Saxby uses a story Lolli told his wife in confidence.

No Bingo, No Peace

S5 E9
May 25, 2016
Mayor Saxby retaliates for Boyce's debate performance and shuts off power, water and garbage collection at the Ballentine home, resulting in a union strike.

White Trash

S5 E10
Jun 1, 2016
Blamed for the garbage strike, Boyce and Lolli turn to the media to score a victory against Saxby but can't celebrate for long when Barton needs to be hospitalized.

Numb and Number

S5 E11
Jun 15, 2016
Trailing by one point in a poll, Boyce must convince a third candidate - the local dentist - to drop out of the race and endorse him, while Barton is admitted to the hospital.

Boyce Don't Cry

S5 E12
Jun 22, 2016
On Election Day, Boyce realizes how the mayoral campaign has affected his family and their future together.