Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Smurf-Fu/Diaper Daddy

S1 E1
Sep 10, 2021
When Smurfette rescues Brainy from a giant snake, the other Smurfs ask her to teach them "Smurf-Fu." When everyone is tired of changing Baby's diapers, Handy decides to invent a robot that will do the job.

Unsmurfable Smile/Mind the Cat

S1 E2
Sep 17, 2021
Smurfette and Blossom try to make Grouchy smile by taking him on a camping trip. Gargamel falls under the mind control of Azrael and the Smurfs must help to set him free.

Smurfs in Disguise/Jokes on You

S1 E3
Sep 24, 2021
After breaking Papa Smurf's telescope, Scaredy and Hefty decide to dress up as girls and hide rather than face punishment. Vanity tires of Jokey's exploding box and decides to boobytrap it with an even bigger explosion.

My Smurf the Hero/Alien Smurf

S1 E4
Oct 1, 2021
When Scaredy gets tired of being scared, he dons a superhero costume and tries to conquer his fear. An Alien child visits the Smurfs and puts them under his spell in order to turn them into his friends.

Smurf Your Seat Belts/Leaf It Alone

S1 E5
Oct 8, 2021
When Handy and Storm discover Gargamel's plan to make Azrael fly, they build their own flying machines. When the Sarsaparilla harvest is ruined by a pest, the Smurfs discover Gargamel's plan to lure them to his field.

Bringing Up Smurfy/The Makeover

S1 E6
Oct 29, 2021
When Dimwitty finds an egg in the woods, he and the other Smurfs put their parenting skills to the test. Vanity wants to design a new outfit for the Smurfs but he and Tailor have different visions.

The Majestic 5/Kitchen Klutz

S1 E7
Nov 5, 2021
Papa Smurf holds a special vote to decide who will act as Rescue Smurfs if Gargamel attacks the village. After Clumsy saves Chef's life, Chef takes Clumsy on as his assistant in the kitchen. It's a catastrophe.

Where's Papa Smurf?/Who's Heftier?

S1 E8
Nov 12, 2021
Because of a mishap, Papa Smurf disappears and the only way to make him visible again is to get a whisker from Azrael! Wimpy challenges Hefty to a test of strength and wins by accident!

The Scariest Smurf/DRIIIIINGGGGG!

S1 E9
Nov 12, 2021
On Halloween, Scaredy finds himself turned into a monster and he inadvertently wreaks havoc on the Smurfs. Handy builds Lazy a special alarm clock to keep him awake, but it keeps the rest of the Smurfs awake too!

The Pluffs!

S1 E10
Jan 14, 2022
Blossom and Brainy are transported to an alternate universe where the Smurfs are grey and mean.

Chef Soup/Adventures in Smurfsitting

S1 E11
Jan 21, 2022
When Brainy criticizes Chef's cooking, Chef walks out in a huff and ends up cooking for the Ogres. When Clumsy and Dimwitty take care of Baby, they try to show all of Smurf Village how smurfsome they really are.

The Round Up/Waffle Wednesday

S1 E12
Jan 28, 2022
Jokey gives Farmer's racing snails an extra kick from a magic potion that makes them super fast. Chef gets jealous when Lily starts to make waffles that are more delicious than his.

Funny Mommy/Smurfy Day Care

S1 E13
Feb 4, 2022
Jokey transforms Poet into Gargamel's Mom, but they find themselves trapped in Gargamel's hovel. Storm has to become a super smurfsitter when all of the Smurfs turn back into babies.

Crashing Gargamel's Party/The Curse of the Smurfs' Treasure

S1 E14
Feb 11, 2022
When Gargamel convinces Dimwitty and Begonia that he is nice, they invite him to the village for a party. Farmer and Vanity unearth a chest which contains a magnificent gem that brings bad luck to anyone who touches it!

Who Nose?/Clumsy Not Clumsy

S1 E15
Feb 18, 2022
Hefty casts a spell which accidentally turns him into a colossal nose that sucks up everything in its path! After catching Clumsy, Gargamel tempts him with a magic amulet that makes his clumsiness disappear.

Smurfy Secrets

S1 E16
Feb 18, 2022
When Gargamel tries to transform into a Smurf, the Smurfs have to share their secrets to prove their identity.

The Smurfs Show

S1 E17
Apr 22, 2022
Gargamel plants a crystal ball to spy on the Smurfs, but they turn the tables on him with a fabricated drama.

Storm Loses Her Mojo/Pop Out!

S1 E18
Apr 29, 2022
After chanting a spell to get in touch with her inner warrior, Blossom unknowingly takes Storm's warrior spirit. Gargamel casts a spell over Grouchy which makes everything that he complains about appear inside his hovel.

Knight Smurfalot/Forget Me What?

S1 E19
May 6, 2022
Dreamer tries to become a knight, but his annoying antics make him some new enemies that land him in danger. When Gargamel accidentally breathes in the pollen of a rare flower it instantly wipes his memory.

Smurfboards/Monkey See, Monkey Do

S1 E20
May 13, 2022
Vanity and Jokey start riding smurfboards around the village, but Brainy believes they're dangerous. The Magic Supply Store mixes up Papa Smurf's and Gargamel's delivery orders, leaving Papa Smurf with a monkey!

Flying Ace/Lab Assistant

S1 E21
Jul 4, 2022
After causing another clumsy catastrophe, Clumsy decides the only place he can be clumsy free is up in the sky. When Brainy gets hurt, Papa Smurf asks Monkey to take Brainy's place as his assistant.

Order of Merit/Smurfy Mother's Day!

S1 E22
Jul 5, 2022
When Brainy bosses all the Smurfs around one time too many, Jokey makes him compete for a fake award. When they get captured by Gargamel, Papa Smurf, Willow and Vanity offer to help the sorcerer impress his mother.

Leaping Lizards/Cover Story

S1 E23
Jul 6, 2022
Vanity's attempt to cure a zit with a magic spell accidentally turns him into a lizard instead. To increase interest in the newspaper, Reporter decides to interview Gargamel face to face!

Papa Times Two/Fake News

S1 E24
Jul 7, 2022
Vanity gives one of the Smurfs a makeover to look exactly like Papa Smurf. Jokey tricks Poet into writing a sensational (but very fake) news story in the Daily Smurf.

You're Fired!/Mirror, Mirror on the Armoire

S1 E25
Jul 12, 2022
After another mishap, Clumsy and Dimwitty get into a big fight and vow never to work with each other again. When Gargamel places a magic armoire in the forest, Vanity must resist the temptation to look into its mirror.

Smurfing Places/Poet Slam

S1 E26
Jul 14, 2022
Gargamel switches bodies with Papa Smurf and only Timid knows the truth. Will he be brave enough to speak up? After Poet mentors Lily in rhyming, he experiences "poet block" during the poet slam contest.