Season 2

Episode Guide

Say Smurf for the Camera!/Manners Matter

S2 E1
Jul 19, 2022
Handy invents a camera so Painter can make portraits of all the village's inhabitants. Papa Smurf is nervous about the new Nature Fairy coming to visit so he asks Willow to teach the Smurfs manners.

The Guest Who Wouldn't Leave/Where's My Smurfway?

S2 E2
Jul 21, 2022
After Wild sprains his ankle, he stays in Papa Smurf's house to recuperate while Papa Smurf is away. When Blossom misplaces Brainy's beloved Smurfway, she has to find it before Brainy finds out.

The Talented Justa Smurf/Smurf, Yes Smurf!

S2 E3
Jul 26, 2022
Justa Smurf, surrounded by others who are all "Something Smurf", is still searching for his calling. While Papa Smurf is away, Brainy uses a potion to finally get the Village to obey his every whim.

Mommy's Masterpiece/A Thief Among Us!

S2 E4
Jul 28, 2022
When the other Smurfs bail out of posing for Painter's masterpiece, he finds a new subject in Gargamel's Mother. When the Smurfs' favorite things start disappearing all over the Village, everyone gets worried and suspicious.

Ogre Love

S2 E5
Sep 9, 2022
Big Mouth falls in love with Smurfette after she pulls a splinter from his thumb.

Back To Nature/Okey-Dokey!

S2 E6
Sep 16, 2022
When Vanity, Poet and Dimwitty get lost in the forest, Papa Smurf sends them to Wild for nature lessons. Jokey has a new prank: giving Grouchy a potion that makes him say "okey dokey" to every request.

Smurfy Magic Duel/Doctor Brainy & Mister Dumb

S2 E7
Sep 23, 2022
Papa Smurf wants to prove to Willow that alchemy is more powerful than her "natural" magic. Brainy's new brain-weighing invention backfires and leaves him brainless.

Shell Game/Blossom Goes Wild!

S2 E8
Sep 30, 2022
Gargamel turns himself into a snail so Farmer will bring him back to the Smurfs' Village. When Blossom gets into a fight with Storm and Lily, she leaves her village and moves into the forest with Wild.

The Magic Pumpkin/Lost Cat

S2 E9
Oct 14, 2022
On Halloween, Smurfette gives Wimpy a magic pumpkin to help him scare the other Smurfs. When Azrael gets injured in the forest, Wild brings the cat to the Smurfs' village to heal.

No Smurf Out!/Souffle Shuffle

S2 E10
Oct 21, 2022
When Scaredy is afraid a ghost is haunting his house, he asks Handy to secure his home from invasion. Chef sprains his ankles and has to rely on Greedy to bring his souffle to the Spring Festival.

Smurf to the Future!

S2 E11
Jul 10, 2023
When Handy invents a time machine for Blossom, the duo accidentally goes back to prehistoric times. Blossom and Handy are taken prisoner by Prehistoric Smurfs who plan on sacrificing Handy to a ferocious beast.

Curing Private Timid/Smurfette Overdoes It!

S2 E12
Jul 11, 2023
Hefty decides to take Timid under his wing and teach him some self confidence. Smurfette wears herself out by overdoing things, so Lazy teaches her the art of doing nothing.

Papa Smurf Leaves the Nest/The Stolen Portrait

S2 E13
Jul 12, 2023
An accident in Papa Smurf's lab causes him to switch bodies with a sparrow. Painter's greatest painting has been stolen and all the Smurfs are looking for it.

The Star Smurf/Baby Sensei

S2 E14
Jul 13, 2023
When nobody wants to listen to Harmony's dreadful music, Papa Smurf gives him a potion to charm his audience. Smurfette and her class of Smurf-Fu students mistake Baby as their Smurf-Fu guru.

Brainy Gets Ghosted!/Gargamel Goes Gaga

S2 E15
Jul 18, 2023
When Brainy's controlling nature gets under the Smurfs' skin, Painter and Chef come up with the ultimate prank. After accidentally consuming a love potion, Gargamel falls in love with Leaf and doesn't want to leave her side.

Smurf Racers/Who's in the Band?

S2 E16
Jul 20, 2023
Hefty and Storm get competitive at the pumpkin rally, but their less motivated teammates might hold them back. When the Smurf Band's lead singer acts like a diva, the band accidentally replaces him with another diva: Vanity!

Waffles and Punishment/Never Wake a Sleeping Sorcerer

S2 E17
Jul 25, 2023
When Storm gets close to beating him in a waffle-eating contest, Greedy takes the competition too far. When Gargamel sleepwalks into the Smurfs' Village, the Smurfs make the most of the situation.

The Snail Whisperer/Smurfs Might Fly

S2 E18
Jul 27, 2023
Farmer's snails are tired of their life of toil and decide to go on strike and join Wild for a life of freedom. The Smurfs prepare their sarsaparilla banquet, unaware that Gargamel has enchanted the thicket.

Happy Smurfs Fool Day!/The Wrench Smurf

S2 E19
Jul 31, 2023
It's Smurf Fool's Day and Jokey is beside himself with excitement. When Handy turns the Diaper Daddy Robot into his assistant, the machine's memory accidentally gets wiped.

Relaxosmurf/The Cuddly Toy

S2 E20
Aug 1, 2023
When Timid is too shy to approach Blossom, Papa Smurf gives him a potion to boost his confidence. When Lazy loses his pillow, only Baby's cuddly toy will let him get back to sleep.

Wild Gets Tamed/The Yummyus Pie

S2 E21
Aug 2, 2023
Begonia, Lily, and Blossom teach Wild a lesson after he steals their cupcakes. Chef is worried when the main ingredient for his famous Equinox pie, the Yummyus, is late blooming.

I'm Off to the Circus!/Dreamer: Master of Love

S2 E22
Aug 3, 2023
When Clumsy decides to be an acrobat, the Smurfs pretend to be a travelling circus to help him realize his dream. Dreamer uses all of romance's greatest cliches to bring together two very unlikely Smurfs: Papa Smurf and Willow.

Smurfs on Fire/The Sarsaparilla Run

S2 E23
Aug 7, 2023
When the Smurfs recruit a new fire brigade, Clumsy and Dimwitty disguise themselves to take part. Papa Smurf is excited to pick the magic Sarsaparillo plant, but he's not the only one hunting for the rare plant.

Wanna Bet?/Gargamel, Queen of the Prom

S2 E24
Aug 8, 2023
Smurfette accidentally loses the Smurf Village in a bet and must carefully try to win it back. When the Smurf Girls invite all the Smurfs to their Grand Equinox Ball, Gargamel and Azrael crash the party.

Leaf's Under the Weather/House Call

S2 E25
Aug 9, 2023
When Leaf gets sick, the weather in the Smurf Village starts to go wild. When the Smurfs find a note from Gargamel begging for his mother because he's sick, they feel obliged to help him.

A Smurfy Christmas/An Unsmurfy Friendship

S2 E26
Dec 8, 2023
Christmas is coming and Jokey decides to mix up the Smurfs' letters to Santa. When he's sidelined from the Smurfball tournament, Grouchy heads to the forest and befriends Bigmouth.