Season 3

Episode Guide

Mental Hen/Thumb Drive

S3 E1
Apr 20, 2012
A Delaware Blue Hen has taken up residence at the zoo, and she has the amazing ability to predict the future! Kowalski doesn't buy the psychic chicken hype and sets out to discredit her.

Operation: Big Blue Marble

S3 E2
Apr 22, 2012
The Penguins are faced with a global battle when their specialty food-making machine belches out a toxic cloud that threatens not just the zoo, not just the city, but the earth itself!

Littlefoot/Smotherly Love

S3 E3
May 13, 2012
Marlene is dying to go see a concert in the park. But, every time she leaves the zoo she becomes a feral monster!

Antics on Ice/Showdown on Fairway 18

S3 E4
May 20, 2012
Private's in heaven - icy, freezing heaven. The Lunacorns on Ice extravaganza is in town, and Skipper's determined to take him as a treat. Accompanied by unexpected fellow fanboys Bing and Roy, the gang heads to the arena.

A Kipper for Skipper/High Moltage

S3 E5
Jun 3, 2012
Skipper agrees to give a day off from hard training to the first penguin who can bring him a kipper. Private, Rico, and Kowalski battle their way to a fish packing plant where they discover Officer X has become Fishmonger X.

Nuts to You/The Terror of Madagascar

S3 E6
Jun 10, 2012
Fred the Squirrel has hit the jackpot. He stumbles onto a jackpot oak tree which is loaded with acorns (that's tons of money to animal folk). He's going to need financial advice, and who better to offer advice than King Julien?

Feline Fervor/Action Reaction

S3 E7
Aug 4, 2012
King Julien is literally bounced out of his kingdom and onto the New York streets. A kindly old lady thinks he's a cat and swoops him up.

King Me/Private and the Winky Factory

S3 E8
Aug 5, 2012
King Julien's archrival, Clemson, returns in another attempt to claim the lemur crown. This time the sneaky lemur has a document that "proves" King Julien is not the legitimate king because he wasn't born in Madagascar.

Best Laid Plaintains/P.E.L.T.

S3 E9
Nov 3, 2012
It's a special day when Bada and Bing get a shipment of delicious plantains to eat. Although they jealously guard the African bananas, King Julien's determined to taste them too.

Marble Jar Head/Good Night and Good Chuck

S3 E10
Nov 10, 2012
How in the world is Rico supposed to behave well when King Julien has kidnapped his doll, Miss Perky, with the intention of marrying her?

Operation: Swap-anzee/Snowmageddon

S3 E11
Feb 28, 2013
The Space Agency intends to send one of the chimps to the moon. The Penguins think one of them should go instead.

Tunnel of Love/Skipper makes Perfect

S3 E12
Feb 14, 2015
When a massive sneeze from Rico causes the underground tunnel system beneath the zoo to rupture Skipper calls in 4 cute beavers to fix the situation.

Operation: Lunacorn Apocalypse

S3 E13
Nov 24, 2015
The Penguins are faced with a World Domination battle when Private accidentally unleashes KuchiKukhan the Destroyer of Worlds. Can they stop him in time to save the World?

The Penguin Who Loved Me

S3 E14
Nov 25, 2015
When Doris the Dolphin shows up with Parker the Platypus and asks a favor of Kowalski, he instantly jumps to her rescue only to find out it's to free her brother Francis who happens to be a "mind-jacked" Dr. Blowhole.

Best Foes/Night of the Vesuviuses

S3 E15
Dec 19, 2015
Kowalski invents an enemy detector.