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Season 1

Episode Guide

Ballot Box Blues // The Visitor

S1 E1
Sep 12, 1987
Betty and Veronica run for class president, with Archie and Reggie, respectively, their campaign managers. The race is nothing but trouble as Betty and Veronica attempt to buy votes and end up in a spray-painted, sooty, sandy mess. They withdraw from the race, preferring to be best friends instead of opponents. With no candidates no one votes, except Jughead who votes for himself. // Eugene's science project goes hay-wire and shoots down a U.F.O. Archie takes care of the alien, dude while Jughead repairs the U.F.O. Dude gets a crush on Betty, shows his stuff on the basketball court, and almost gets captured by Reggie and Veronica; but Jughead fires up the U.F.O with feltzig that's alien-talk for hamburger and Dude is back in space on his way home.

I Gotta Be Me-Or is it You? // Sir Jughead Jones

S1 E2
Sep 19, 1987
Eugene has a crush on Amani and vice versa. Hoping to be noticed they both undergo changes. Eugene, with the help of Reggie, Archie, and Jughead, becomes Cool with new clothing and sunglasses. Amani, with the help of Betty and Veronica, becomes the perfect nerd's girlfriend in ill-fitting, unfashionable clothing and thick glasses. It all backfires during lunch when they inadvertently start a food fight. In detention hall they discover they like each other just the way they are. // Veronica discovers Jughead is heir to viscount Forsythe P. Jones fortune. Reggie and Veronica give Jughead lessons in snobbery and serve him with every step of the way hoping to share in his newfound riches. The fortune arrives amount to a bag of marbles and a fancy beanie-type crown and all Jughead's fancy friends disappear fast. His old friends join him and he learns he is rich in friends, which is the best kind of rich after all.

The Last Laugh // THEIF! (of hearts)

S1 E3
Sep 26, 1987
Reggie livens up the Sadie Hawkins dance decorating committee with some practical jokes. He goes on a rampage through the school which ends with gluing fangs to his shot-put. Fangs says he won't mash him if Reggie can get him a date with Veronica. When he can't get Veronica to agree, he decides to dress up as Veronica. The Joke is on Reggie when veronica is chosen as queen of the dance and the two Veronica's face each other on stage. // The girls and the boys bet each other that they can find the local jewel thief first with the few clues of red fibers and an overweight person wearing tennis shoes. Both groups suspect Mr. Weatherbee, the school principal when they see him wearing a red sweat suit and tennis shoes spending a lot of money. The police are called in, but it seems Mr. Weatherbee is buying gifts for Miss Grundy since it's her birthday and his sack of diamonds is actually a bag of roses.

The Awful Truth // Jughead Predicts

S1 E4
Oct 03, 1987
Betty and Veronica are finalists in the Junior Riverdale Beauty Contest. Veronica tries to one up Betty by stealing Eugene's truth medicine and zapping Betty with it. The machine makes anyone who is zapped speak the absolute truth. Betty is insulting everyone and the machine goes bonkers at the contest, though, zapping people left and right. // Jughead gets bonked on the head which causes him to go into a trance and predict the future. Reggie is so insistent on Jughead predicting his report card that he takes Jughead's statements too seriously and messes up his chances with Ms. Grundy. With another clunk on the head Jughead is back to normal.

Future Shock // Stealing the show

S1 E5
Oct 10, 1987
Three couples are up for Riverdale Picnic King and Queen and ironically all the couples holding this honor have gone on to marry each other. Archie sees work, work, work, where as Veronica sees the poorhouse. Reggie pictures Betty doing everything and Betty imagines living a fake existence. To their relief Jughead and big Ethyl win and their future looks blissful with a never-ending supply of food. // When Archie and Betty are cast as Ponce and Cinderella in the school play, Reggie and Veronica vow to take over the lead roles. Reggie sabotages the stage and props, while Veronica dresses up to replace Betty after playing the stepmother. Ms Grundy takes to the stage as the stepmother to straighten the show out but then the backdrop collapses on the cast. Archie comes up with the slipper for Betty and the audience eats up this comic rock version of the classic fairytale.

Hamburger Helper // Goodbye Ms Grundy

S1 E6
Oct 17, 1987
Veronica says she'll pick up the tab for a day's worth of hamburgers for Jughead if he can go one week without eating one. Archie bets his new skateboard against Reggie's month of allowance that Jughead can hold out. Reggie and Veronica try to put temptation in his way, but Jughead holds out with the help of Betty and Archie. // Tired of teaching a rowdy bunch of kids, Ms Grundy contemplates accepting a position at an all girls private school. Archie overhears this and tells everyone, so they behave very well and get a very high test score hoping Ms. Grundy will stay. Now she feels that they don't need her so she decides to leave. At the goodbye assembly Eugene leads everyone to misbehave and become unruly again. Only Ms. Grundy can whip them into shape, and so she decides she is needed after all.

Red to the Rescue // Jughead the Jinx

S1 E7
Oct 24, 1987
Mrs. Schweckner is out to have Red locked up by Animal Control for turning over garbage cans, tearing up her garden and scaring her cat. Red runs away and everyone is out in a terrible rainstorm looking for him. Eugene's new science project camera gets a photo of the real culprits - raccoons and red is discovered protecting Mrs Schweckner's cat and her new kittens. // Jughead breaks a mirror and believes he is jinx as things start going wrong all around him. He is selected to represent Riverdale to the visiting royalty and hand the King of Queen the key to the city. Reggie sets up tricks at the reception to really jinx Jughead, but they all backfire, making Reggie look like a jerk and Jughead the hero.

Telegraph, Telephone, Tell Reggie // Wooden It Be Lovely

S1 E8
Oct 31, 1987
Reggie's spoiled behavior is driving everyone crazy but instead of retaliation they take Ms. Grundy's advice to treat him with kindness. They plan a surprise party for Reggie, all getting instructions confused as they passed along the word. Reggie hears about this party that he isn't invited too and booby-traps Archie's backyard. However once he figures out the party is in Archie's rec-room, Reggie tries hard not to let Archie find the traps in the backyard. // The gang's tree house is going to be cut down for a warehouse to be built by Reggie's uncle. They form a protest group, print leaflets, sign a petition all to save the tree. Someone is sabotaging their efforts and they are overruled. Reggie saves the day with a missing news clip declaring the tree as a historical monument. Reggie was the saboteur, but he decided friends were more important than the promised mountain bike from his uncle.

I Was A Twelve-Year Old Werewolf // The Prince of Riverdale

S1 E9
Nov 07, 1987
The boys go to Frankenstein's Cave to prove their bravery. Archie stumbles into the hidden lab and bottles of strange things fall on him turning him into a werewolf when the moon shines brightly. He wears a turkey costume to the dance which covers up his hairy form. Archie and Reggie compete for Veronica and Archie scares the dickens out of Reggie right before the werewolf effects wear off. // The Prince of Rurithania who looks like Archie comes to Riverdale to give a speech. Bored with his princely duties he meets up with Archie and they switch places for the day. Archie learns it's not easy being a prince and the prince is appalled at the chores Archie must do. They gladly stop the charade and return their former selves.

Loose Lips Stop Slips // A Change of Minds

S1 E10
Nov 14, 1987
A small statue of the towns founder will be awarded to the student who proves himself to be outstanding and helpful. All the kids compete trying to out-do each other performing good deeds. Archie causes nothing but trouble as he tries to help everyone, but his efforts in the end save the big statue from toppling. He is awarded the little statue because he kept trying to help and his heart was always in the right place. // Eugene and Moose switch brains and characteristics when they are zapped together in Eugene's latest invention. Moose startles everyone by answering correctly the questions in an IQ contest, and Eugene is amazing on the football field. They revert to themselves, however, at a crucial time in the game and Moose goes in as Moose to win it for Riverdale.

The Incredible Shrinking Archie // Gunk for the Gold

S1 E11
Nov 21, 1987
With Jughead's help, Archie tries to make a special perfume for Veronica for her birthday, but ends up shrinking himself and Jughead. They have two hours to whip up the antidote which consists of a lot of different food. They have some big adventures with a cat, spider, gutter water, the sewer and a last grab for a peanut from Reggie. Re-creating the antidote in time and burst into a size at Veronica's party. // Eugene accidentally develops some magic gunk that when applied to the soles of the shoes of the soccer team gives them extra bounce and power. The losing Riverdale team gunk up and wins every game until Archie's conscience gets to him and they play the last game without gunk. They are losing until Archie inspires the team saying they haven't played with gunk for two games. Although this isn't true, it psyches up the team and they go on to win the championship - gunkless.

The Making of Mr.Right-eous // Jughead's Millions

S1 E12
Nov 28, 1987
Eugene makes a secret robot of himself which Moose accidentally turns on and they go off to school together. No one knows it's a robot and since it is a rather obnoxious, truth-spouting robot, the real Eugene gets in a lot of trouble for the robot's actions. When Eugene realizes the robot is missing, then discovers it has rescued Mr. Weatherbee, who thought he was losing his mind seeing two Eugenes all day. The Secret is revealed and the gang forgives Eugene the robot for all his right-eous speaking. // Ms. Grundy gives the class assignments to teach them about the adult world. Archie and Betty are parents; Veronica and Reggie are kids, Eugene, Amani and Moose must take care of a goat and Jughead has to invest five dollars in a responsible way. Jugheads investment turns him into a millionaire and everyone goes crazy spending money. But easy come, easy go as the market crashes and he is flat broke. They all learn being an adult isn't easy.

Take My Butler, Please! // Hoorary for Hollywood

S1 E13
Dec 05, 1987
Archie saves Smithers, Veronica's butler, from a runaway piano and Smithers feels honor bound to serve him. He is driving Archie crazy by doing everything for him. So Archie fakes trouble in the water hoping Smithers will save him. Smithers can't swim and it's ip to Veronica to save Smithers, who returns to serving her in every way possible. // Tired of being one of the guys, dependable, and old-fashioned Betty get's a make-over and becomes a fashion-conscious, new wave dolt who doesn't help anyone or pay attention. The dance she was in charge of becomes a modern fiasco and her friends turn on her. While she cries her woes to pop, the gang tiptoes behind her setting up her first efforts at decorations. They welcome the old Betty back and let her know how much she is appreciated.