Season 3

Episode Guide

Chris Distefano

S3 E1
Jun 06, 2014
Chris Distefano covers everything from his recent breakup to gentrification in New York City to his father's unusual accent.

Michael Che

S3 E2
Jun 06, 2014
Michael Che discusses hospitable racists, paying taxes and how sex gets better with age.

Tommy Johnagin

S3 E3
Jun 13, 2014
Tommy Johnagin covers everything from teaching his mother to use technology to buying his girlfriend lingerie to accidentally getting drunk before the birth of his daughter.

Adam Newman

S3 E4
Jun 13, 2014
Adam Newman tackles tough topics like being a basketball fan in New York, going to school in the South and his love for children's songs about diarrhea.

Chris Gethard

S3 E5
Jun 20, 2014
Chris Gethard reveals the story behind one of his tattoos, describes falling off the wagon at Bonnaroo and explains why he hates public displays of affection.

Yannis Pappas

S3 E6
Jun 20, 2014
Yannis Pappas touches on his recent breakup, moving to Miami and how we've all become addicted to our cell phones.

Fortune Feimster

S3 E7
Jun 27, 2014
Fortune Feimster shares her thoughts on yoga, Tuesday night strippers, drinking with her mother and coming out of the closet.

Ron Funches

S3 E8
Jun 27, 2014
Ron Funches discusses everything from his weird relationship to his parents to the reason he hates drug tests to the proper way to shame a pet.

Damien Lemon

S3 E9
Jul 11, 2014
Damien Lemon talks about his hatred of destination weddings, failed novelists writing Yelp reviews and his dream of having sex with a hand dryer.

Rachel Feinstein

S3 E10
Jul 11, 2014
Rachel Feinstein discusses her postcoital behavior, her embarrassing mother and her mortal fear of marrying a theater teacher named Richard.

Mark Normand

S3 E11
Jul 18, 2014
Mark Normand discusses women's pictures on Facebook, lazy racism and hanging out at gay bars.

Joe Wengert

S3 E12
Jul 18, 2014
Joe Wengert describes his terrible public interactions, the trouble with catchy songs and a new game that he invented to make life easier.

Kurt Braunohler

S3 E13
Jul 25, 2014
Kurt Braunohler talks about his unmitigated hatred of biscotti, the airport security strategies he uses and the unfortunate way that he discovered masturbation.

Joe Zimmerman

S3 E14
Jul 25, 2014
Joe Zimmerman discusses selling out free shows, his battles with hypochondria and President Andrew Jackson's prolific dueling career.