Season 3

Episode Guide


S3 E1
Sep 23, 2003
Nick fights to keep a small boy whose mother performs in a traveling carnival in DCF custody when he claims he was molested by the carnival owner.

Big Coal

S3 E2
Sep 30, 2003
Pressured to bring his own new business to the firm, Nick and Sadie Harper, Fallin & Fallin's new defense attorney associate, must get a town of 23 people to sign release settlements in order for Nick to land a huge coal manufacturer as a client.

The Line

S3 E3
Oct 07, 2003
Nick gets caught between father/son clients when the sale of their family department store becomes complicated with a class action lawsuit from several African American customers claiming discrimination.

The Daughter Father Dance

S3 E4
Oct 14, 2003
Although a married couple wants Burton to sue a fertility clinic when their child is born black.


S3 E5
Oct 21, 2003
When Fallin & Fallin's credit line is called in, Nick tries to get a longtime Fallin client who owes millions to pay in full; Burton and Nick lose him to firm.

Let's Spend The Night Together

S3 E6
Oct 28, 2003
When Lulu's father decides to stay at her place, she and Nick agree they still have feelings for each other and agree to move in together.

Hazel Park

S3 E7
Nov 04, 2003
As part of his community service, Nick is reassigned to help clean up an inner city park, where he meets a former LSP client he does not remember.


S3 E8
Nov 11, 2003
Lulu tells Nick she is pregnant, and he proposes to her.

Let God Sort 'Em Out

S3 E9
Nov 25, 2003
When Fallin & Fallin evict squatters from land being used for future developments, the ripple effect at LSP is tremendous.


S3 E10
Dec 16, 2003
Nick and Suzanne Pell attempt to help Josh, a client at LSP, after he is locked in a closet for disciniplinary measures at a teen boot camp.


S3 E11
Jan 06, 2004
Nick must find a kid a home after his father, who was recently let go from Kane Industries, went crazy and shot his boss and several other coworkers in a conference room during a meeting.

Beautiful Blue Mystic

S3 E12
Jan 13, 2004
After Lulu leaves Nick for having an affiar with Suzanne, Burton counsels Nick to seek help at rehab.


S3 E13
Jan 27, 2004
Alvin accuses Nick of rushing through the "steps" of working his recovery program.

All is Mended

S3 E14
Feb 10, 2004
Lulu informs Nick that their unborn baby has Downs Syndrome.

Without Consent

S3 E15
Feb 17, 2004
Nick attempts to help a teenage boy who beat up his mother after he walked in on her and his best friend in bed.

Sparkle (A.K.A. "Glow")

S3 E16
Feb 24, 2004
Nick helps a boy whose adoption is halted when the couple's own newborn baby is injured in the boy's presence.

The Watchers

S3 E17
Mar 02, 2004
When Burton is unable to physically help the police find Shannon, Nick takes his place and tracks her down through a prostitute, Dina, and her daughter Violet.

The Bachelor Party

S3 E18
Mar 09, 2004
Alvin Masterson has a lot to do in so little time. He is getting married to Victoria Little and has ALS. Nick decides go to Los Angles.


S3 E19
Apr 06, 2004
Nick defends a sexually abused teenage boy who wants to protect his father from being implicated in the crime, even though it appears that his father was the abuser.

The Vote

S3 E20
Apr 20, 2004
Nick and Jake battle wills when they try to get an elderly and sick client declared incompetent when his wife and partner disagree with the terms of a corporate sale.

Blood In, Blood Out

S3 E21
Apr 27, 2004
Led by Jake, the firm's partners take a vote and kick Nick out of the partnership, despite Burton's attempts to keep his son's name on the door.


S3 E22
May 04, 2004
Having been forced from Fallin & Fallin, Nick takes another corporate law at a competing firm, but Burton questions if corporate law is truly Nick's passion.