Season 3

Episode Guide

An All Star Is Born

S3 E1
May 10, 2022
Twenty-four Challenge All Stars, all finalists or winners, arrive in Panama to face off in the most explosive season of yet. All eyes are on the notorious Wes and Veronica as they make their first appearances on "All Stars" and leave both their enemies and friends wondering what trouble they have in store for this season. With $500,000 and their legacies on the line, who will have what it takes to make it all the way?

You've Been Sabotaged!

S3 E2
May 10, 2022
An added twist in the game, the sabotage, is in play and the All Stars nervously wonder which players will fall victim to it. The high flying "Out Of Reach'' challenge leaves some players all wet, and other All Stars breaking down. The Authority sets the stage for a pair of legendary rematches in the Arena.

Treehouse of Horror

S3 E3
May 17, 2022
The gloves (and clothes) are off at the muddy "Playing Dirty" challenge as the All Stars wrestle to control who gets voted into the Arena. The newly formed Treehouse alliance makes major moves to crush players who stand in their way. A pair of shocking surprises threaten to completely change the game.

She's Back!

S3 E4
May 24, 2022
TJ surprises the challengers with a blast from the past and a new rivalry is born. The high-altitude "High Stakes'' challenge leaves some players flying high, and others crashing down. Some shady political moves set the stage for a pair of epic battles in the Arena.

More Than Friends?

S3 E5
May 31, 2022
Lines are drawn at the "Sidetracked" challenge after several All Stars team up to target their biggest competition. Two players are shocked to find themselves on everyone's radar when a notorious veteran accuses them of being more than just allies. An All Star puts a friend's game in serious danger and must pay the price.

Revenge Of The All Stars

S3 E6
Jun 07, 2022
Several All Stars look to make big moves to change up the balance of power in the house. The grueling "Stacked" challenge pushes the challengers to their limits and keeps the heat on a pair of boiling rivalries. A last minute blindside shocks everyone.

Let's Make A Deal

S3 E7
Jun 14, 2022
TJ is delighted to welcome the challengers to this season's hilarious and high flying "Shooting Stars" trivia challenge. An All Star's politicing puts another player's game in danger. A pair of heavyweight matchups in the Arena sets the stage for two explosive battles.

Going Bananas

S3 E8
Jun 21, 2022
With the Final approaching, the star-craving challengers make desperate moves to secure their positions in the game. One All Star is overwhelmed with all the attention they're getting, while another player's game falls to pieces after losing their closest ally. The pressure of the game reignites two long-simmering rivalries.

Cheater! Cheater!

S3 E9
Jun 28, 2022
The All Stars are desperate to make the Final, but TJ has some twists in store before they get there. An accusation of cheating threatens to derail one All Star's game. The Finalists arrive on a private island to begin the most grueling Final. Who will have what it takes to overcome their competition and get one step closer to the crown?

Coming For The Crown

S3 E10
Jul 05, 2022
TJ unveils a series of surprising twists and turns as the challengers fight for the crown and their share of $500,000. Several All Stars spelling skills prove highly questionable, risking their spot in the race. TJ serves up one of the most disgusting eating checkpoints in Challenge history that shakes some All Stars to their core.