Season 2

Episode Guide

Fails from the Crypt/Bad Cluck

S2 E1
Oct 08, 2020
The kids try to break a local record for staying in the cemetery overnight! A haunted chicken is pestering the Casagrandes - but is he just here for Sergio?

A Very Casagrandes Christmas

S2 E2
Dec 04, 2020
Ronnie Anne is excited for the perfect Christmas, but visits from the neighbors put her dream Nochebuena on hold!

The Kid Plays in the Picture/Achy Breaky Art

S2 E3
Jan 21, 2021
Carl's love for toys gets him caught up in a whirlwind toy review career. Frida's art gets a bad review, the kids try to stage a new auction to lift her spirits.

Guilt Trip/Short Cut

S2 E4
Jan 28, 2021
Ronnie Anne and her primos try to win Maria a trip around the world. When Carlota fails at hair cutting, she trains with the master barber himself - CJ!

Fool's Gold/Flight Plan

S2 E5
Feb 05, 2021
When they find a treasure map, the Casagrandes go on a wild search for Pancho Villa's gold. Frida and Carlos go on a fancy plane ride, but Carl, Cj and Carlitos try to sneak on for an adventure of their own.

No Egrets/Meal Ticket

S2 E6
Dec 09, 2020
Sergio is in for a treat when a group of baby birds think he's their mama! Ronnie Anne and Sid help Casey run his family food truck... at the Yoon Kwan concert! Guest Star Justin Chonn

An Udder Mess/Teacher's Fret

S2 E7
Feb 15, 2021
Ronnie Anne wins two tickets to Dairyland - but has to choose between her besties Sid and Lincoln for the day! When Ronnie Anne finds out her dad is dating her teacher, she teams with Sid to break them up ASAP!

I, Breakfast Bot/Dynamic Do-Over

S2 E8
Feb 24, 2021
Ronnie Anne and her cousins hatch a plan to have Sid's Breakfast Bot do their chores - ALL of them! When Carl's dreams are crushed after meeting El Falcon, Bobby decides to take on the role himself!

Home Improvement/Undivided Attention

S2 E9
Feb 17, 2021
Laird is nervous to host movie night at his house, so Ronnie Anne helps him pretend Arturo's pad is his own! Carlota can't seem to pay attention to anything but her phone, so Carlos sets her up - with a math tutor!

Karate Chops/Taco The Town

S2 E10
Mar 25, 2021
Used to being top dog, Carl can't handle when Adelaide joins his karate class and becomes the star student. Hector starts selling Rosa's delicious tacos but gets overwhelmed when they're more popular than the mercado!