Season 3

Episode Guide

Bend It Like Abuelo/Bunstoppable

S3 E1
Sep 17, 2021
Hector finally joins his dream soccer team as their good luck charm, but what happens when his luck runs out? While preparing bao for the Chinese Cultural Fair, Sid and Adelaide face off against time-hopping bandits!

Squawk in the Name of Love/Date with Destiny

S3 E2
Oct 8, 2021
Sergio enlists Adelaide's help to become a gentleman in order to win Priscilla back! Rosa hears an Ernesto Estrella prediction that Maria and Arturo could get back together - could it be true?

Curse of the Candy Goblin

S3 E3
Oct 15, 2021
When Carl takes trick or treating too far, he must return his candy to the neighborhood goblin!

Skaters Gonna Hate/Born to Be Mild

S3 E4
Jan 14, 2021
Ronnie Anne and her pals enlist Carlos X as their coach in a skate-off against Tony Hawk! Tired of the bullies at school, Alexis learns the tough guy ropes from Carl.

The Bros in the Band/For the Record

S3 E5
Jan 21, 2022
Bobby's dream of playing in a band might finally come true, but can he hang with Par's punk pals? Worried he's not keeping up with his cool friends, Sameer tries to break a record for some street cred.

15 Candles/Rook, Line and Sinker

S3 E6
Jan 28, 2022
Already planning Ronnie Anne's quinceañera, Rosa decides to train Ronnie Anne - for the next 3 years! Carlos gets Carl into chess to keep him out of trouble, but Carl takes his rule of the kingdom literally!

Let's Get Ready to Rumba/Perro Malo

S3 E7
Feb 4, 2022
When Hector declines Rosa's offer to join her dance class, he quickly gets jealous of her talented instructor! Our sweet Lalo gets switched with mischievous perrito Malo for the day and the Casagrandes need to get their pup back.

Don't Zoo That/Maxed Out

S3 E8
Feb 17, 2022
Adelaide and Carl battle it out to win Jr. Zookeeper badges but their fighting might ruin both of their chances. Hector finds out Vito has a huge tab at the mercado and Vito offers to pay him back - no matter what!

Skatey Cat/Weather Beaten

S3 E9
Feb 18, 2022
Nervous to jump back on her board after a bad wipeout, will Ronnie Anne ever skate again? A powerful artifact is coming to the Great Lakes City museum and it brings along a storm for the Casagrandes! Feat. Lincoln Loud

The Golden Curse

S3 E10
Apr 29, 2022
The Casagrandes celebrate Paco's wedding, but they need to find las arras that Sergio lost! Guest Stars: Angelica Argon, Sergio Aragones

Race Against the Machine/My Fair Cat Lady

S3 E11
Jun 10, 2022
When Mr. Chang's job might go to a faster train conductor, he has to prove that he can be just as fast as a robot! Adelaide wants to help the city cats clean up their acts for adoption, but can she help these grumpy gatos?

Survival of the Unfittest/Nixed Signals

S3 E12
Jun 17, 2022
When Arturo realizes Bobby doesn't have survival skills, he decides bring Bobby to the woods for training! Frida asks Carlota to spend a spa day with her to enjoy quality time, but can they both stay off their phones?

Ay Fidelity/Cut the Chisme

S3 E13
Jun 24, 2022
When Bobby and Par are left in charge of Ziggy's shop, they must resist jamming with the shop's musical treasures. The family tries to stop their notorious chismoso Hector from gossiping all over town but can he stay quiet?

Phantom Freakout

S3 E14
Jun 24, 2022
Ronnie Anne and the gang are going to be in12 is Midnight's new music video, but things go awry when a ghost wreaks havoc in the concert hall. The kids and the band have to find out how to appease the ghost, and quick!

Sidekickin' Chicken/Silent Fight

S3 E15
Jul 8, 2022
After hearing about a contest to find El Falcon's nex tsidekick, Carl becomes El Pollito and tries to win! Once Carlitos falls asleep, Carl and CJ must conduct all their playing - and fighting - in absolute silence!

Kick Some Bot/Salvador Doggy

S3 E16
Jul 15, 2022
Sid faces off against Lisa Loud in the Great Lakes City robotics competition! When faced with a deadline and no inspiration, Frida tries to use Lalo's paintings as her own!

The Wurst Job/The Sound of Meddle

S3 E17
Jul 29, 2022
Ronnie Anne lands the internship of a lifetime with Bruno, but will she be able to hang? Dreaming of DJ-ing at the Gatos halftime show, Carl goes undercover with Alexis and the school band!

Alpaca Lies/Rocket Plan

S3 E18
Aug 5, 2022
Ronnie Anne and Bobby have to deal with an old friend of Arturo's-Beto the Alpaca, but Beto has it out for the kids. Abuelo helps CJ build a rocket, but when things aren't going well, Abuelo tells a little fib to preserve CJ's feelings.

The Oddfather/Long Shot

S3 E19
Sep 23, 2022
Carlos has to choose Carlitos' padrino in time for his Christening, but will he make the right call? Carlota needs a PE credit to graduate, so she and Ronnie Anne set out to find the right sport for her.

Flock This Way/Movers and Fakers

S3 E20
Sep 30, 2022
Rosa's family activity of birdwatching in the woods goes sour when Sergio gets mistaken for a rare species. Tired of not having a space of his own, Bobby secretly moves into a vacant apartment unit in the building.