Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Nick Swardson, Nick Kroll, Chris Hardwick

S1 E1
Nov 05, 2010
Nick Swardson ponders sexy Halloween costumes, Nick Kroll engages in a tweet-off with Doug Benson, and Chris Hardwick explains why he hates hotel rooms.

Eugene Mirman, Rob Huebel, Mary Lynn Rajskub

S1 E2
Nov 12, 2010
Eugene Mirman discusses an anti-abortion billboard, Doug Benson challenges Rob Huebel to a tweet-off, and Mary Lynn Rajskub reminisces about working at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Todd Barry, The Sklar Brothers, Paul Scheer

S1 E3
Nov 19, 2010
Todd Barry criticizes actors who ham it up, The Sklar Brothers praise Arnold Schwarzenegger's one-liners, and Paul Scheer wonders why people take pictures of fireworks.

Tom Lennon, Michael Ian Black, Andy Daly

S1 E4
Dec 03, 2010
Tom Lennon acknowledges his unusual hairstyle, Michael Ian Black suggests ways to make "Star Wars" funnier, and Andy Daly shares his middle school humor column.

Brian Posehn, Greg Proops & Tig Notaro

S1 E5
Dec 09, 2010
Brian Posehn describes the mystery of childbirth, Greg Proops calls out cable networks for being disingenuous, and Tig Notaro explains why she never goes to the gynecologist.

T.J. Miller, Adam Carolla, Graham Elwood

S1 E6
Dec 17, 2010
T.J. Miller witnesses a couple selling a baby, Adam Carolla watches "Sex and the City 2" while high, and Graham Elwood boils down complex movies to a single tagline.