Season 8

Episode Guide

Opie's First Love

S8 E1
Sep 11, 1967
Mary Alice Carter accepts Opie's invitation to a party but rejects him at the eleventh hour for another.

Howard, The Bowler

S8 E2
Sep 18, 1967
Howard, a last minute substitution for a bowling team sponsored by Emmett's fix-it shop, astonishes everyone by bowling a perfect game.

Trip to Mexico

S8 E3
Sep 25, 1967
Aunt Bee goes to Mexico with her two best friends but the trip tests their friendship.

Andy's Trip to Raleigh

S8 E4
Oct 2, 1967
Andy doesn't tell Helen that the lawyer he worked with in Raleigh is a beautiful woman.

Opie Steps Up In Class

S8 E5
Oct 9, 1967
Andy sends Opie to an affluent boys' camp.

Howard's Main Event

S8 E6
Oct 16, 1967
Howard begins dating Millie but her ex-boyfriend still carries a torch and threatens him.

Aunt Bee, The Juror

S8 E7
Oct 23, 1967
Aunt Bee, summoned for jury duty, disagrees with fellow jurors on her first case.

The Tape Recorder

S8 E8
Oct 30, 1967
Opie disobeys Andy and secretly tape-records a bank robber's confession.

Opie's Group

S8 E9
Nov 6, 1967
Opie joins a rock 'n' roll group and starts getting failing grades in school.

Aunt Bee And The Lecturer

S8 E10
Oct 30, 1967
A charming lecturer is enamored with Aunt Bee who reminds him of his late wife.

Andy's Investment

S8 E11
Nov 20, 1967
Andy opens a coin laundry to save money for Opie's college education.

Howard and Millie

S8 E12
Nov 27, 1967
Howard proposes to Millie after three months of dating but soon realizes they may be rushing it.

Aunt Bee's Cousin

S8 E13
Dec 4, 1967
Andy learns his cousin Bradford is a broke phony, but keeps quiet because Aunt Bee thinks he's a wealthy relative.

Suppose Andy Gets Sick

S8 E14
Dec 11, 1967
Andy catches the flu and Goober takes over as his deputy.

Howard's New Life

S8 E15
Dec 18, 1967
Howard quits his boring job as county clerk and becomes a Caribbean island beachcomber.

Goober, The Executive

S8 E16
Dec 25, 1967
Goober buys the gas station with financial backing from Andy and Emmett.

The Mayberry Chef

S8 E17
Jan 1, 1968
Aunt Bee hosts a TV cooking show and Andy and Opie must fend for themselves.

Emmett's Brother-in-Law

S8 E18
Jan 8, 1968
Emmett is needled into becoming an insurance salesman by his wife and her brother, a successful broker.

Opie's Drugstore Job

S8 E19
Jan 15, 1968
Opie breaks a bottle of expensive perfume on his new job as a drug clerk.

The Church Benefactor

S8 E20
Jan 22, 1968
A $500 bequest to the Mayberry church almost provokes a schism over how to spend it.

Barney Hosts A Summit Meeting

S8 E21
Jan 29, 1968
Barney Fife is on the spot when he gets Andy to let him use the Taylor home for an American-Russian summit meeting.

Goober Goes to the Auto Show

S8 E22
Feb 5, 1968
Goober tries to impress an old mechanics' school friend by treating him to a lavish dinner and claiming to own a chain of gas stations.

Aunt Bee's Big Moment

S8 E23
Feb 12, 1968
Aunt Bee does well with her flying lessons until the instructor tells her she's ready to go solo -- then she becomes terrified.

Helen's Past

S8 E24
Feb 19, 1968
Andy learns that his girlfriend, Helen, was once arrested for carrying a gun, gambling and keeping company with a hoodlum.

Emmett's Anniversary

S8 E25
Feb 26, 1968
Emmett plans to surprise his wife with a mink coat for their 25th wedding anniversary, but she thinks he's not faithful because of his furtive ways.

The Wedding

S8 E26
Mar 4, 1968
Howard's mother remarries and moves away, so Howard remodels their home into a bachelor pad and tries to throw a swinging party.

Sam For Town Council

S8 E27
Mar 11, 1968
Sam Jones is urged by Andy and his other Mayberry neighbors to run for Town Council.

Opie and Mike

S8 E28
Mar 18, 1968
Sam Jones' son Mike idolizes Opie and doesn't understand why he prefers to spend time with a girl instead of him.

A Girl For Goober

S8 E29
Mar 25, 1968
Andy and Sam want to find a girlfriend for Goober and convince him to try a computer dating service.

Mayberry RFD

S8 E30
Apr 1, 1968
Sam Jones invites a buddy from Italy to help him work his farm but does not expect his family to come too.