Season 2

Episode Guide

Episode 201

S2 E1
Oct 21, 2000
Amanda is in her dressing room nursing a cold before the show. Drake shows up and brings her some extra remedies. When Amanda leaves the room, Penelope shows up and begins stealing Amanda's germs but is caught by a security guard.

Episode 202

S2 E2
Nov 4, 2000
Amanda Bynes stars in her own sketch comedy show which will consist of several sketches (some to recur) starring Amanda and a regular ensemble of comedy performers. The Amanda Show will incorporate short animated segments, TV

Episode 203

S2 E3
Nov 18, 2000
Penelope (Amanda) searches through an air conditioning vent looking for Amanda and ends up in a toilet in a random home.

Episode 204

S2 E4
Nov 17, 2000
Barney is in the Guard Shack reading a magazine when Penelope throws apples at him and eventually knocks him out. Amanda hits the streets talking to parents and kids, asking them what they can do that would make the other happy.

Episode 205

S2 E5
Nov 21, 2000
Drake is going for the world record of balancing two turkey's with his hands for a certain amount of time.

Episode 206

S2 E6
Feb 3, 2001
Josh can't open a bag of chips so Amanda takes it and walks around looking for strong men who she thinks can open the bag./Amanda is doing the audience greeting when she feels a sharp pain in her side.

Episode 207

S2 E7
Feb 24, 2001
Barney is in Amanda's dressing room when the Production Assistant brings in a life size pink teddy bear. /A fan, Russell is grounded because he traded his father's car for a can of fruit cocktail, and can no longer watch the Amanda Show.

Episode 208

S2 E8
Feb 10, 2001
Penelope locks an actress in a closet so that she can steal her role and get next to Amanda./Amanda Rodriguez is on the Amanda set doing the audience greeting when Amanda Bynes walks up and tells Amanda that she is doing the wrong Amanda show.

Episode 209

S2 E9
Feb 17, 2001
The security guard, Barney is showing his son Trevor, how to do the job./An audience member has a toothache, so Amanda invites him on stage, puts string on his tooth and ties the other end to a door knob.

Episode 210

S2 E10
Jan 27, 2001
Phillip Glen Van Dyke is rehearsing his lines in Amanda' dressing room when in walks Penelope./Amanda has been giving medical attention to random people who page her. She soon finds out that her pager has been switched with a Paramedic's pager.

Episode 211

S2 E11
Mar 3, 2001
Trevor and Penelope are having a romantic picnic on top of the roof when Barney spots them. / The Girls are doing their show in the Boys Room by mistake. When the boys come in, the girls refuse to leave.

Episode 212

S2 E12
Mar 10, 2001
Amanda is trying to do her audience close when she is interrupted by a bunch of dodge balls. / It is snowing and Josh and Drake throw snowballs at one another and they convince Amanda to join in the festivities.

Episode 213

S2 E13
Mar 17, 2001
Everyone is extremely excited about the world's greatest ventriloquist, Princess Whiff and her puppet Sir Chatsalot appearing on The Amanda Show. / Amanda and Moses sit in Amanda's jacuzzi discussing different topics including Moses' age.

Episode 214

S2 E14
Jan 19, 2002
Roberta (Amanda) and her brother Toby (Drake) are hosting the Dare Show from their basement where they take outrageous dares from callers. / Penelope uses a Basset Hound to help sniff out Amanda. As usual, she doesn't meet her.

Episode 215

S2 E15
Jan 26, 2002
Penelope and Trevor are about to kiss when Preston interrupts them because he wants a sandwich. / Everyone is for sale at the people place. One customer returns a little brother that he exchanges for a grandma.