Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Sneaking Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas // Reptiles in the Rose Garden

S1 E1
Sep 8, 1990
King Koopa uses a Magic Wand to turn Cheatsy, Bigmouth, Bully, and Kooky into giant Ninja Koopas so they can capture Prince Hugo the Huge of Giant Land and turn him into a miniature poodle. // Kootie Pie Kootie hates all the elaborate presents her father and siblings supply at her Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party and demands that she be given Real World America as a gift.

Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario // The Beauty of Kootie

S1 E2
Sep 15, 1990
Hip and Hop steal the golden mummy case of Prince Mushroom-khamen, a dead ringer for Mario, and awaken the wrath of Mommy Mummy Mushroomkhamen who tears up Desert Land in search of her kidnapped son. // King Koopa is siphoning off all the oil from Desertland to power his doomship! But when his Koopalings mess up and cross the oil pipes with the water pipes, things get really sticky.

Princess Toadstool for President // Never Koop a Koopa

S1 E3
Sep 22, 1990
Princess Toadstool is fed up with Koopa's antics and challenges him to try and win the Kingdom from her fair and square in a democratic election. // Koopa announces that he is giving up being bad for good! He can't compete with the cleverness of the Princess and the Mario Brothers and as a gift of apology for his past behavior he gives The Princess the keys to Kastle Koopa!

Reign Storm // Toddler Terrors of Time Travel

S1 E4
Sep 29, 1990
The Princess goes on her very first vacation to the real world, in Hawaii, leaving Mario and Luigi in charge of the Mushroom Kingdom. // King Koopa and Kooky Von Koopa travel back in time to prevent the Mario Brothers from discovering the Real World Brooklyn Warp Zone that first led them to the Mushroom Kingdom!

Dadzilla // Tag Team Trouble

S1 E5
Oct 6, 1990
Kootie Pie and Big Mouth are convinced they are much too beautiful to be adopted! They set out to find their "real" father - no doubt a movie star - in Hollywood. // When Toad thinks he has lost the million gold coins the Princess had him deliver to the Mushroom Kingdom Orphanage, he desperately tries to recover the money by pitting his wrestling cousins in a match against Koopa's Sledge Brothers.

Oh Brother // Mighty Plumber

S1 E6
Oct 13, 1990
A grudging hostility is aroused between the Brothers when they are Kooped up in Toad's cottage due to a rain storm outside. Their tempers flare and the Brothers face off, vowing to go their separate ways. // Using Cheatsy Koopa's wand, King Koopa sucks the TV hero "Mighty Plumber" from the television set, and then tells the crusader the Mario Brothers are evil, and want to steal Pipeland's gold!

Toadally Magical Adventure // Misadventures in Babysitting

S1 E7
Oct 20, 1990
Toad is toadally infatuated with the Wizard King's new magic wand. Against the wizard's wishes he uses the wand to create giant pipe creatures that he hopes will keep King Koopa's army away. // The Mario Brothers are warped into a Brooklyn apartment and mistakenly appointed as baby-sitters for a rebellious and prank-playing brat, Junior.

Do the Koopa // Kootie Pie Rocks

S1 E8
Oct 27, 1990
Mario and his friends set out for Darkland to recover the magical Music Box. With this powerful device, the user can control listeners and thus keep Koopa and his legions under control. // Mario, Luigi and the Princess go to the real world to see Milli Vanilli in concert. Suddenly King Koopa arrives in his doom ship and carries the singers off for Kootie Pie, who wants to keep them!

Mush Rumors // The Ugly Mermaid

S1 E9
Nov 3, 1990
A family of Real World Humans stray off the vacation path and find themselves lost in a remote corner of the Mushroom Kingdom. // In an underwater battle with King Koopa and his Doom Sub, the Brothers find themselves flung into Mev-tropolis, an underwater kingdom where they meet Princess Holly Mackerel, the ugly, fish-headed mermaid who falls immediately for Mario.

Crimes R Us // Life's Ruff

S1 E10
Nov 10, 1990
King Koopa and his evil horde orchestrate the escape of an infamous criminal, Crime Wave Clyde, from a prison in the real world. Koopa hopes he will teach his clan how to be nasty and treacherous. // The mischievous Koopa Kids Hip and Hop snatch King Windbag's magic wand and zap him and Luigi into pooches then dash off to the Real World to cause Real Havoc.

Up, Up and a Koopa // 7 Continents for 7 Koopas

S1 E11
Nov 17, 1990
The 'Koopa-Doopa-Raiser-Upper' device, newly implemented by King Koopa, sends the Mushroom Kingdom up into the clouds and creates an awesome challenge for Mario and his friends. // Koopa and his Koopalings invade the real world in the Doom Ship, sealing all the warp pipes behind them and leaving the Mario Brothers unable to interfere! King Koopa gives each Koopa Kid a continent to terrorize.

True Colors // Recycled Koopa

S1 E12
Nov 24, 1990
King Koopa and his Koopa Kids drop paint on the Mushroom people, turning some red and others blue. Cheatsy and Kooky trick the "blues" and "reds" into a color war, and even Mario and Luigi are fighting each other, leaving the Mushroom Kingdom defenseless! // The Koopa kids clean up the castle - and dump all their junk into a warp pipe leading to the Mushroom Kingdom!

The Venice Menace // Super Koopa

S1 E13
Dec 1, 1990
When a gondola suddenly warps into the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi discover Venice, Italy is under siege by a terrifying Sea Monster! // Kooky Von Koopa makes a magic pendant that gives King Koopa the power to become Super Koopa!