Season 3

Episode Guide

Beneath These Streets

S3 E1
Sep 25, 1989
While the Turtles are at a movie, Shredder interrupts a press conference to steal a new medi-laser.

Turtles on Trial

S3 E2
Sep 26, 1989
Krang steals a robot and some Solarbenite from a military warehouse.

Attack of the 50-Foot Irma

S3 E3
Sep 27, 1989
While Turtles plan a birthday party, Shredder steals an Exaboron Isotope from a meteorite crash.

The Maltese Hamster

S3 E4
Sep 28, 1989
Shredder gives futuristic laser weapons to mobster Tony "The Butcher" Vivaldi and his underlings.

Sky Turtles

S3 E5
Sep 29, 1989
Krang creates a Gravity Altering Device which causes everyone in the city to start floating.

The Old Switcheroo

S3 E6
Oct 2, 1989
Two huge electrodes at Cybertech Labs produce a startling effect on two long-time foes.

Burne's Blues

S3 E7
Oct 3, 1989
Burne is out to prove to April that he can still dig in the trenches and find good stories after deriding her for failing to come up with anything good lately.

The Fifth Turtle

S3 E8
Oct 4, 1989
On the occasion of a conjunction of the Earth, Moon, and Stars, Shredder steals Capsidium Crystals.

Enter: The Rat King

S3 E9
Oct 5, 1989
April does a story on the rat problem the city is facing, and the Rat King kidnaps her.

Turtles at the Earth's Core

S3 E10
Oct 6, 1989
The Turtles venture down to the Earth's core and discover a world complete with dinosaurs.

April Fool

S3 E11
Oct 9, 1989
Emperor Aleister and his daughter Princess Mallory arrive from the small kingdom of Malacuria.

Attack of Big MACC

S3 E12
Oct 10, 1989
At an army testing lab, the crowd is surprised by the arrival of MACC.

The Ninja Sword of Nowhere

S3 E13
Oct 11, 1989
Krang detects the existence of an alien metal that could help him conquer the Earth.

20,000 Leaks Under the City

S3 E14
Oct 12, 1989
Krang is out to liquidate the Turtles by pumping water through the Earth's crust.

Take Me to Your Leader

S3 E15
Oct 13, 1989
Leonardo cannot take the pressure of being the leader of the Turtles anymore and leaves.

The Four Musketurtles

S3 E16
Oct 16, 1989
Leonardo becomes a little soft in the shell after he is knocked on the head.

Turtles, Turtles, Everywhere!

S3 E17
Oct 17, 1989
The city's garbage disposal system's main computer DUMP 1000 is programmed by Shredder.

Cowabunga Shredhead

S3 E18
Oct 18, 1989
Shredder creates an exact likeness of Michelangelo and programs it to invade the Turtles' lair.

Invasion of the Turtle Snatchers

S3 E19
Oct 19, 1989
Donatello and Rocksteady are beamed up to a space ship - by little alien, Nikto.

Camera Bugged

S3 E20
Oct 20, 1989
The polarisoid causes commotion with his camera which sucks everything it photos.

Green with Jealousy

S3 E21
Oct 23, 1989
Krang creates a love potion which induces lovesickness in all of the Turtles.

The Return of the Fly

S3 E22
Oct 24, 1989
Intent on revenge against both Turtles, Krang and Shredder, the Fly returns with a bug of a plan.

Casey Jones - Outlaw Hero

S3 E23
Oct 25, 1989
The Turtles are being blamed for some of Casey Jones' actions.

Mutagen Monster

S3 E24
Oct 26, 1989
The chemicals from two cars in a train wreck unite to form mutagen and steers licking up the goo.

Corporate Raiders From Dimension X

S3 E25
Oct 27, 1989
Shredder utilizes a hypnotizing device and creates zombies out of CEOs all over the city.

Pizza By The Shred

S3 E26
Oct 30, 1989
In order to locate the Turtles' lair and destroy them, Shredder opens a Pizza Parlor. When the Turtles order a pizza, Shredder places a locator-tracking device on it disguised as an anchovy.

Super Bebop & Mighty Rocksteady

S3 E27
Oct 31, 1989
Krang creates Cybernetic Clones of Rocksteady, only ten times as strong and ten times as smart.

Beware the Lotus

S3 E28
Nov 1, 1989
Krang fires Shredder and hires Lotus, a beautiful female Ninja Master.

Blast From the Past

S3 E29
Nov 2, 1989
Shredder endeavors to enlist the aid of the ghost of Shibano-Sama to destroy the Turtles.

Leatherhead: Terror of the Swamp

S3 E30
Nov 3, 1989
The Turtles go south to the swamps when their friends the Frogs are in trouble.

Michelangelo's Birthday

S3 E31
Nov 6, 1989
It's Michelangelo's birthday - and his good buddies are pretending they're unaware of it.

Usagi Yojimbo

S3 E32
Nov 7, 1989
Shredder's Teleporter interferes with Donatello's transdimensional reception.

Case of the Hot Kimono

S3 E33
Nov 8, 1989
Agatha Marble helps the Turtles in their pursuit of Don Turtelli.

Usagi, Come Home

S3 E34
Nov 9, 1989
Shredder has a hare-brained scheme to turn the rabbit from another dimension into an ally.

The Making of Metalhead

S3 E35
Nov 10, 1989
Krang creates Metalhead, an exact robot replica of the Turtles with even more powers.

Leatherhead Meets the Rat King

S3 E36
Nov 13, 1989
Leatherhead The Cajan gator goes into the sewers in pursuit of the Turtles, and encounters the Rat King.

The Turtle Terminator

S3 E37
Nov 14, 1989
Shredder captures Irma and creates an android Irma programmed to destroy the Turtles.

The Great Boldini

S3 E38
Nov 15, 1989
Mobster Don Turtelli and his cousin, the Great Baldini, steal the famous Tortellini Emerald.

The Missing Map

S3 E39
Nov 16, 1989
The Turtles are showing Zach, "the fifth Turtle," and his brother Walt their scrapbook.

The Gang's All Here

S3 E40
Nov 17, 1989
Michelangelo falls for a Shredder trick and eats a chocolate chip cookie made with anti-mutagen.

The Grybyx

S3 E41
Nov 20, 1989
The Neutrinos - Dask, Kala and Zak - are back on Earth in search of Kala's pet Grybyx.

Mister Ogg Goes to Town

S3 E42
Dec 15, 1989
Krang discovers that a formula exists in Dimension Z which transmutes crude oil to liquid nitrogen.


S3 E43
Nov 22, 1989
The Turtles lament that the world would be a better place had they never existed.

Bye, Bye, Fly

S3 E44
Nov 23, 1989
Baxter, who turned into a fly-like creature, delivers a borellium crystal to Krang and Shredder.

The Big Rip-Off

S3 E45
Nov 24, 1989
The Technodrome is close to running out of power as it teeters on the edge of a lava cliff.

The Big Break-In

S3 E46
Nov 27, 1989
Krang and Shredder get the Technodrome rolling again and raise it to the center of the Earth.

The Big Blow Out

S3 E47
Nov 28, 1989
Krang and Shredder raise the Technodrome to the surface and seize unlimited energy.