Season 4

Episode Guide

Jimmy the Psychic

S4 E1
Oct 08, 1981
Jim turns into a soothsayer when he warns of a bizarre catastrophe to befall Alex that also involves an affair with a beautiful blonde.

Mr. Personalities

S4 E2
Oct 22, 1981
When Latka begins to exhibit multiple personality disorder again, Elaine refers him to a therapist. As a result of the first session, he takes on a new personality: Alex Rieger.

Like Father, Like Son

S4 E5
Nov 12, 1981
When his father returns to the garage for a visit, Alex is once again reluctant to have a relationship with him. They meet for dinner and his father helps set him up on a date with an attractive woman only to ask her out himself after Alex leaves.

Louie's Mom Remarries

S4 E6
Nov 19, 1981
Louie is not pleased when his mother decides to get remarried - so he takes up residence at the garage.

Of Mice and Tony

S4 E7
Dec 10, 1981
A jubilant Tony returns to boxing as the manager of a young heavyweight, thrilling Louie who anticipates recouping his wagering losses to Alex by betting against Banta's boxer.

Bobby Doesn't Live Here Anymore

S4 E10
Jan 14, 1982
After leaving the garage six months ago to pursue his acting career, Bobby Wheeler returns with news that his pilot has been picked up. When he later learns that his part was recast, he is afraid that he might have to beg Louie for his job back.

Jim and the Kid

S4 E14
Feb 11, 1982
A young runaway wreaks havoc at the Sunshine Cab Co. when Alex and Elaine encourage the lad to return home. Jim wants to adopt him, and Louie wants the youngster jailed for not paying his fare.

Take My Ex-Wife, Please

S4 E15
Feb 18, 1982
Tony invites Alex to make up the numbers for a double-date with two attractive twins. Matters take a turn for the worst when the Rev. Jim turns up unexpectedly and Alex spots his ex-wife Phyllis, fresh out of her second divorce.

The Unkindest Cut

S4 E16
Feb 25, 1982
Elaine decides to treat herself to an expensive hairstyle, but the results leave her in tears. Uncharacteristically, Louis leaps to her defense, but Alex persuades Elaine she needs to stand up for herself.

Cooking for Two

S4 E20
Apr 07, 1982
After Reverend Jim's building get's knocked down he movies in with Louie, unfortunately for Louie he asks Jim to cook something for dinner.

The Road Not Taken: Part 1

S4 E21
Apr 29, 1982
Jim, Tony, Louie share their past, as to what led them to where they are today.