Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Elephant Valley

S1 E1
Apr 28, 2019
Spend an extraordinary day along Zambia's Luangwa River, one of the wildlife wonders of the world. Follow a baby elephant and his family as they search for food and water in the midst of the brutal dry season. Along the way, meet a colorful cast of animals of all sizes, from grazing hippos and basking crocodiles to huge flocks of birds. From sunrise to sunset, the valley bursts with life, making it the ideal destination for spotting some of Africa's most spectacular creatures.

Wild Heavyweights

S1 E2
May 05, 2019
It's the dry season in Zambia's Luangwa Valley, where some of the planet's largest animals live side by side. Elephants, buffalo, hippos, giraffes, and crocodiles--all weighing in at over a ton--need a constant supply of food and water to survive. But with temperatures regularly topping 120 degrees, resources are scarce and tensions are running high. Discover the ingenious strategies and amazing adaptations that help these heavyweights make it through the lean times in one of the hottest places in Africa.

Life and Death on the Plains

S1 E3
May 12, 2019
Journey to the Liuwa Plains, one of Africa's last wild places. This remote landscape is one of jarring extremes. For half the year, it's a dry, barren plain where only the toughest survive. Then, torrential rains bring relief, transforming the plains into a bountiful wetland paradise. Discover how creatures of all sizes--from colonies of termites to vast herds of wildebeest--have adapted to thrive in these two very different worlds.

Hippo River

S1 E4
May 19, 2019
Venture to the Luangwa River, a lifeline for wildlife winding through Zambia's extraordinary wilderness. A spectacular ecosystem is fueled by the river, from the giant hippos that drink from its waters, to the delicate birds that eat the fish swimming along its currents. Witness the daily quests of giraffes, wild dogs, small pukus, and massive crocodiles as they live their lives in a landscape that's as beautiful as it is extreme.

The River Troop

S1 E5
May 26, 2019
Family is everything for this troop of baboons living along the bank of the Luangwa River. With hyenas, lions, and leopards around, everyone must be on constant guard for danger. But when a new baby is born in the midst of the dry season, life for the troop becomes much more complicated. At the top of the social ladder, the struggle to lead becomes a matter of life or death. After tragedy strikes, one male baboon on the edge of adulthood decides to leave the troop. Follow his journey as he sets out in search of a life of his own.

Pride Lands

S1 E6
Jun 02, 2019
Spend one day and one night roaming the remote Luangwa Valley with Africa's most fearsome carnivores. This pride of lions shares a small patch of land with rival hunters, potential prey, and thousands of other remarkable animals like honey badgers, warthogs, and hyenas. Explore this wild valley as the hungry lions struggle to find enough food to satisfy their appetites.

The Wild Web

S1 E7
Jun 09, 2019
The African wilderness is famous for fierce predators like lions, hyenas, and leopards, and real-life giants like hippos, elephants, and giraffes. But behind these iconic animals is an overlooked, but equally fascinating, cast of characters. From dung beetles and bees to vultures and termites, these creatures pollinate plants, fertilize the earth, and clean-up messes. No creature survives in isolation, and these unsung heroes play a pivotal role in keeping Zambia's remarkable ecosystem afloat.