Season 2

Episode Guide

Sunny and the Springtacular

S2 E1
Apr 13, 2019
An excited Doodle offers to watch the famous baby chicks before the big Springtacular show. When Doodle loses track of them, he'll need Sunny's help to find the chicks in time for their performance with Dame Tralada.

Doodle the Boss

S2 E2
Jul 27, 2019
Seeing everyone performing their own special jobs at the salon inspires Doodle to start a smoothie stand. He soon realizes business ownership isn't for him, and when he gets in over his head, Sunny has to help bail him out.

Monkey Business

S2 E3
Aug 31, 2019
Peter enlists Sunny and Doodle to help track down a playful monkey that was mistakenly delivered to his shop and is now loose in the town. It'll take Peter using his unique skills-with Sunny's help-to finally catch the monkey.

Get Her to the Vet

S2 E4
Sep 14, 2019
Rosie is nervous about her first trip to the vet, Dr. Vanessa. After a series of misunderstandings and a high-speed chase result in Rosie being stuck, Sunny, Blair, and Martina must save Rosie - and get her to the vet! Guest Star: Cynthia Erivo

Sunny and the Groom & Vroom

S2 E5
Sep 28, 2019
A broken Glam Van prevents everyone from traveling to a dog styling competition. Luckily, a strange new vehicle appears, inspiring Sunny to transform it into the ultimate, on-the-go pet styling vehicle: the Groom & Vroom.

Doodle and the Poodle

S2 E6
Oct 12, 2019
When Doodle saves KC on her runaway bike, KC goes over the top in repaying Doodle's heroism. Doodle insists they're even, but KC won't accept it - that is, until Doodle finds himself in trouble and in need of a heroic KC.


S2 E7
Nov 02, 2019
Lacey's mechanical work in the Pet Parlor causes mayhem just before a new pet carousel is set to open. She and Sunny will have to style pets on-the-go in the Groom & Vroom in time to make it to the carousel's grand opening!

Princess Puppy Party

S2 E8
Nov 16, 2019
Princess Ginger and Prince George are in town for Ginger's birthday party, but when the invitations aren't handed out, it's up to Sunny & Co, in the Groom & Vroom and Glam Van, to help round up Ginger's friends for the party.

Commercial Success

S2 E9
Nov 30, 2019
Popular dog biscuit maker Bucky is in town looking for a dog to star in his new commercial. When Scratch's pursuit of a stray dog complicates things, Sunny steps up to help, leading to a surprise ending in more ways than one.

On Thin Ice

S2 E10
Feb 29, 2020
After Rox and Blair accidentally destroy Doodle's beloved new sled, they vow to find a replacement. But that'll mean a farcical series of winter-related trades with their friends around town, including a hard-bargaining Lacey.

Bad Hairbot Day

S2 E11
Feb 29, 2020
Picked to star in a fashion show, a busy Rox creates a coloring robot, HairBot, to help her with customers. When HairBot goes haywire around town, it's up to Rox and her coloring skills to save the day-and the fashion show.

Blair's Appointment

S2 E12
Feb 29, 2020
A series of mishaps prevents Blair from getting to her house call across town-the first time she'll have ever missed an appointment. Determined, she adventures through tough terrain, doing whatever it takes to make it on time.

All At Sea

S2 E13
Feb 29, 2020
While Sunny & Co help Timmy fix the lighthouse, Doodle, Rosie, and Violet get stuck on a boat in the bay. It'll be up to Sunny to rescue them while the others rush to get the lighthouse working before a dense fog rolls in.

Double Trouble

S2 E14
Feb 29, 2020
When Sunny's picnic is put on hold, she makes the most of the day by helping Blair and Rox with their events. Once their events start, though, Blair and Rox realize they now have the chance to do something nice for Sunny.

The Flower Parade

S2 E15
Feb 29, 2020
When a balloon mishap accidentally sends Sunny and Doodle soaring into the sky right before the Flower Parade, it's up to Blair and Rox to find a way to get their friends back on the ground, and in time for the parade.

A Hairy Situation

S2 E16
Feb 29, 2020
After Lacey makes a mistake on KC's hair, Sunny helps KC grow it back. But when KC lets her hair get a little too big, it becomes a problem for everyone, and could ruin Lacey and Cindy's family night at the theater.

Chasing Rainbows

S2 E17
Feb 29, 2020
After Rox tells Junior an exciting fairy tale, they decide to live out the tale in real life. When their adventure packed day doesn't end the way they thought it would, it's up to Rox to create a new kind of magical ending.

Blair's Day Off

S2 E18
Feb 29, 2020
A girl named Rhiannon comes to the salon, eager to learn about nails from Blair. When Sunny, Rox, and Dame Tralada become stuck in a mountain cabin, Blair and Rhiannon lead a rescue mission, putting their skills to the test.

Pin Pals

S2 E19
Feb 29, 2020
KC's excited to bowl with Lacey in an upcoming tournament, but Lacey keeps putting her own interests above teamwork and friendship. When KC decides it's time for a new partner, Lacey will need Sunny's help to make things right.

Sunny and the Fireworks Festival

S2 E20
Feb 29, 2020
The Friendly Falls Fireworks Festival has everyone buzzing. But when Sunny accidentally puts the event in jeopardy, she's got to work with her friends to make things right in time for the big fireworks show.