Season 1

Episode Guide

Augurs of Spring

S1 E1
Jun 13, 2018
Jack's double life as a janitor by day and rocket engineer by night is further complicated by a new neighbor who appears to be leading a double life of his own.

Ritual of Abduction

S1 E2
Jun 20, 2018
Jack and Richard set off to create Caltech's first ever rocketry team; Ernest's looming presence makes Jack and Susan nervous.

Ritual of the Rival Tribes

S1 E3
Jun 27, 2018
Feeling pressured, Jack urges the team to take risks and start testing experiments at full volume; Ernest invites the Parsons to one of his group's secret gatherings, promising to make their dreams come true.

The Sage

S1 E4
Jul 04, 2018
Jack's expert witness testimony at a high profile trial helps land the rocketry team an invitation to the Athenaeum; Virgil drops Susan's rebellious teenage sister off for a disruptive weekend stay.

Dance of the Earth

S1 E5
Jul 11, 2018
The team finalizes their prototype but Jack doubts it will work; Susan gets better acquainted with Maggie; Ernest uses a mind-bending elixir to teach Jack about the power of Thelema.

The Mystic Circle of Young Girls

S1 E6
Jul 18, 2018
A secret return visit to the Agape Lodge leaves Jack wanting more; Ernest's sudden presence at the rocketry team's new desert testing facility has Richard questioning the whole endeavor; Maggie has doubts about Ernest's fidelity.

Glorification of the Chosen One

S1 E7
Jul 25, 2018
While Richard and the team abandon the Suicide Club for more conventional pursuits, Jack delves deeper into the world of Thelema and sex magick; Susan's concerns about Jack grow after she researches Aleister Crowley.

Evocation of the Elders

S1 E8
Aug 01, 2018
Richard flies to Washington D.C. to present the team's proposal at the Department of War; Jack grows closer to Thelema; Susan searches for answers behind Jack's behavior.

Sacrament of the Ancestors

S1 E9
Aug 08, 2018
Susan realizes Thelema might be the key to understanding her own psychological wounds; Jack becomes increasingly disenchanted with religion; Jack must make a decision.

The Sacrificial Dance

S1 E10
Aug 15, 2018
Jack receives a letter from Aleister Crowley, inviting him to ascend to the next degree; Susan must deal with the truth about Virgil; Richard and Jack finally find common ground.