Season 2

Episode Guide

Let's Eat!

S2 E1
Jul 12, 2009
Tom explores man's sincerest love of all-the love of food. First, he tries his hand at cooking Native American dishes with the executive chef of Mitsitam Caf'e. He then visits the National Museum of American History to learn the origins of the American coffee break. Finally, he stops by the National Museum of Dentistry, where he learns how the food we adore has a less-than-loving relationship with our teeth.

Top Secret

S2 E2
Jul 19, 2009
Tom unlocks some of the Smithsonian's most compelling mysteries. Can an artist outsmart the world's top spies? How does a missile filled with mail make a political statement to the world? These questions-and many more-will be answered.

Nature's Vault

S2 E3
Jul 26, 2009
Tom goes natural at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. Follow him as he tracks sloths, searches the Panama Canal for clues to the creation of the Panamanian Isthmus, and rises sixteen stories in a construction crane to research bug life atop the rainforest.

Crystal Ball

S2 E4
Aug 02, 2009
Tom taps into the Smithsonian's vaults and labs to gaze into the we envisioned it in the 1930s and as we look forward today. First, Tom visits the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum to examine designers' visions of tomorrow via the 1939 World's Fair collection. Then, he heads to Panama to talk to scientists helping to preserve the future of the tropical rainforest.

Going, Going, Gone

S2 E5
Aug 09, 2009
Tom joins the Smithsonian on a mission of "extreme conservation" to protect the best aspects of our world for future generations. See the amazing amount of work that goes into saving animals from the brink of extinction, preserving a provocative work of art, or reviving a genre of music.

Sex 101

S2 E6
Aug 16, 2009
Research into sexuality is kicking at the Smithsonian. Explore the love letters of Jackson Pollock and Frida Kahlo, stories about "the birds and the bees," and laws of attraction between fiddler crabs.

Villains and Rogues

S2 E7
Aug 23, 2009
Tom takes on the bad guys and digs up some pretty incriminating evidence from the Smithsonian vaults. Tom's investigation unearths photographic evidence from the Crime of the Century, new details on America's first "Lone Gunman": John Wilkes Booth, and creepy facts about everyone's favorite natural villain-the snake.