Season 1

Episode Guide

Caretaker, Part 1 & 2

S1 E1
Jan 17, 1995
While on a short-term mission to track an infiltrated Maquis cell, Capt. Kathryn Janeway and her newly launched U.S.S.


S1 E3
Jan 24, 1995
The reality of co-existence hits Maquis and Starfleet personnel alike, but the troubled but brilliant B'Elanna Torres is made chief engineer after solving a baffling spatial mystery with Janeway.

Time And Again

S1 E4
Jan 31, 1995
An industrial but pre-warp planet's dangerous polaron technology seems to be the cause of a planet-wide wipeout discovered by the Voyager crew -- or did the visitors actually cause the problem in the near past?


S1 E5
Feb 7, 1995
When a grotesque and bizarre alien team steals Neelix's lungs, the Doctor's holographic replacements keep him alive until Janeway finally tracks down the Vidiians and their society-wide Phage plague.

The Cloud

S1 E6
Feb 14, 1995
A nebula whose baffling interior provides no exit while being explored is discovered to be a living entity, and Janeway leads the crew in delicate "surgery" to repair the damage and finally emerge intact.

Eye Of The Needle

S1 E7
Feb 21, 1995
The crew is overjoyed to find a wormhole leading to the Alpha Quadrant, only to find that it is micro-sized and terminates in the Romulan Empire. The lone Romulan they contact, however, eventually seems won over to helping them.

Ex Post Facto

S1 E8
Feb 28, 1995
During a friendly visit to the advanced world of Banea, Paris is accused of murdering the high-ranking husband of a woman who claims the lieutenant had an affair with her. Tuvok's detective skills and her own pet finally clear him, exposing a different culprit far more dangerous to the Baneans.


S1 E9
Mar 14, 1995
In a crossing of transporter beaming, Harry Kim is swapped out for a corpse of the Vhnori people during one of their sacred funeral rituals. Getting him back creates tension by exposing the Vhnori's "Next Emanation" afterlife as simply subspace vacuoles -- or does it?

Prime Factors

S1 E10
Mar 21, 1995
Janeway may finally have an ally in the Sikarans, whose peaceful, advanced ways mirror those of Voyager. But when the Sikarans' own version of the Prime Directive forbids their sharing of technology that could get Voyager home quickly, unlikely allies in the crew plot to take it anyway.

State Of Flux

S1 E11
Apr 11, 1995
When replicator technology turns up on a Kazon-Nistrim ship, Janeway suspects a collaborator. The Maquis are suspect, but who'd have thought Chakotay's old cell contained a Cardassian spy disguised as a Bajoran -- and his onetime lover?

Heroes And Demons

S1 E12
Apr 25, 1995
Harry Kim's innocent medieval role-playing holo-program turns dangerous when he and Chakotay disappear without a trace. In his own "native" environment, the holographic Doctor undertakes his first "away mission" to rescue them and survives fear, romance and heartbreak in unmasking an unlikely trespasser.


S1 E13
May 1, 1995
An attack on his shuttlecraft inside a nebula leaves Chakotay brain-dead, but soon a series of comas, violence and sabotage stalk many in the crew. Suspicion falls on Tuvok until the crew uncovers an overlooked but deadly denizen of the nebula.


S1 E14
May 9, 1995
A bizarre Vidiian scientist splits the dual ethnic heritage of Torres into separate bodies to test her Klingon DNA for resistance to his people's Phage disease.


S1 E15
May 16, 1995
When Dr. Ma'Bor Jetrel visits Voyager, Neelix is enraged at the Haakonian creator of the superweapon that conquered his world and killed his family. But his anger conceals a personal secret he is forced to confront when Jetrel is not the demon he had expected.

Learning Curve

S1 E16
May 23, 1995
Most Maquis by now have assimilated into Starfleet life, but one troublesome trio are sent to Tuvok's own version of "boot camp" to bring them in line. Their bitter conflict is overshadowed when all of Voyager is threatened by an infection to the ship's bio-neural gel-pack circuitry.