Season 1

Episode Guide

Beyond the Farthest Star

S1 E1
Sep 8, 1973
The Enterprise finds a deserted starship orbiting a dead star.


S1 E2
Sep 15, 1973
Spock travels back in time to prevent his death as a young Vulcan.

One of Our Planets is Missing

S1 E3
Sep 22, 1973
A mysterious cloud destroys inhabited planets.

The Lorelei Signal

S1 E4
Sep 29, 1973
A race of beautiful women remains immortal by stealing the life force of men.

More Tribbles, More Troubles

S1 E5
Oct 6, 1973
Cyrano Jones introduces tribbles that cannot reproduce.

The Survivor

S1 E6
Oct 13, 1973
The Enterprise finds a long-lost explorer (Ted Knight).

The Infinite Vulcan

S1 E7
Oct 20, 1973
A mad scientist has developed a race of intelligent plant life.

The Magicks of Megas-tu

S1 E8
Oct 27, 1973
At the center of the galaxy, the Enterprise discovers a race of powerful aliens.

Once Upon a Planet

S1 E9
Nov 3, 1973
Upon returning to the Amusement Park planet, the Enterpise crew finds that the caretaker has died and the computer has taken over creating havoc.

Mudd's Passion

S1 E10
Nov 10, 1973
Space con artist Harry Mudd returns, selling a fake love potion.

The Terratin Incident

S1 E11
Nov 17, 1973
The Enterprise crew begins to shrink after radiation exposure.

The Time Trap

S1 E12
Nov 24, 1973
The Enterprise crew must work with Klingons to escape from a pocket universe.

The Ambergris Element

S1 E13
Dec 1, 1973
Kirk and Spock transform while exploring the planet Argo.

The Slaver Weapon

S1 E14
Dec 15, 1973
Spock, Sulu and Uhura are taken captive.

The Eye of the Beholder

S1 E15
Jan 5, 1974
Telepathic aliens put Kirk, Spock and McCoy in a zoo.

The Jihad

S1 E16
Jan 12, 1974
Kirk leads a group trying to recover a stolen religious relic.