Season 2

Episode Guide

The Pirates of Orion

S2 E1
Sep 7, 1974
The medicine required for Spock who has contracted a fatal disease is stolen by Orionian pirates.


S2 E2
Sep 14, 1974
The Enterprise crew is being observed as their suitability to meet with advanced civilizations.

The Practical Joker

S2 E3
Sep 21, 1974
The computer of the Enterprise gains partial sentience and starts playing practical jokes on the crew.


S2 E4
Sep 28, 1974
Dr. McCoy is arrested and charged with causing an alien plague.

How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth

S2 E5
Oct 5, 1974
The Enterprise runs into a being that once visited Earth and influenced the Mayan culture.

The Counterclock Incident

S2 E6
Oct 12, 1974
The Enterprise tries to save an unidentified ship plunging into a supernova but is dragged into a universe where time runs backwards.